Everything You Need To Know About Giving Your Baby Bath


If this is your first baby, you’re going to feel nervous. No, don’t worry, it’s completely natural. Although the entire idea of being anxious over the first bath of your baby might sound quite absurd, it’s something that every parent goes through at some point in their lives. However, before you dive into the details of the process, you need to get your products sorted out. So grab your organic baby hair products and a tub to get started for your baby’s shower! 


Before the shower, comes the preparation. Before you even get to the products you’re going to need, you need to understand the right time for your baby’s shower. Since a baby can sense your stress as well, it’s better to choose a time that allows both you and your child to proceed to the shower without any external stress acting on it. It’s generally recommended to bathe your baby before you put them to sleep since this will make sure they sleep peacefully. Once you’ve finalized the time, you need to work out the products.

Now, you may be wondering, do you need a hefty amount of supplies for giving a baby that small a shower? And the simple answer would be, yes, you do. Even though your baby might be relatively small in size, you must’ve learned about how much work is involved in taking care of a baby. You’ll need a baby’s bath sponge or a washcloth, a bath towel with a hood, lukewarm water, an organic baby hair and body wash, and a clean diaper and clothes for after. At Little Moo Organics, you can find every product you need for your baby, be it as simple as an organic hair product or even a lebenswert baby formula. As the heart of all the healthy baby products you could need, they’re known for their 100% customer satisfaction and can help you attain the results you need in one go. 

Now that you’re done with the products and the time frame, it’s time for the fun to begin! Ease your baby into the water and begin by subtly washing them off with the water. You might want to begin from the less sensitive parts of the body to make sure your baby doesn’t get uncomfortable. However, you also need to move quickly to make sure that your baby doesn’t feel cold too soon. Babies are prone to feeling cold easily (since they don’t have any body-fat to support their system’s functionality), which is a major reason why you can’t choose to take your time while washing your baby. It’s recommended to use a hand shower during this process since you can adjust the intensity with which the water is running; it also tends to be relatively soft on the skin. Since you’ll be using organic body and hair wash, you needn’t worry if you accidentally lathered up more than intended. The products at Little Moo Organics give you the freedom of working with your comfort whilst giving your baby a shower. Since there are no harsh chemicals, there will be no adverse reaction on your child’s skin after. Once you’re done, wet the washcloth and take off the remaining lather that you might have failed to remove during the shower. Dry them up and you’re finally done with your baby’s shower! 

Once you’ve made sure your baby had a nice, clean shower, you can make them wear a fresh diaper and dress them up in the clothes you picked out for them earlier. It’s only the first few showers that might rile you up a bit but once you’re used to it, both your baby and you will be enjoying bath time in no time at all!

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