Enhance Your Breasts With Plastic Surgery


There are countless things that you can do to sculpt and mold the body of your dreams on your own, but altering the size of your breasts is going to be incredibly difficult without professional help. Luckily, the breast augmentation procedure is a quick and effective treatment option that will safely enhance the size of your breasts by one or more cup sizes. Many patients are back on their feet within a few days of the operation, and implants often last for a decade or longer. Here is a closer look at how this procedure is carried out, what you can expect following your operation, and some steps that you can take to find the best plastic surgeon in your area. 

Finding the Right Surgeon

While all cosmetic surgeons must go through extensive schooling and training, you need to be sure that you work with a surgeon who has an enormous amount of experience with the breast augmentation procedure. That operation is highly complex, and patients who want world-class results should spend a little bit of time looking for the best plastic surgeon that they can find. In addition to skimming over before and after photos from their patients, you will also need to schedule a consultation with any surgeons that you are interested in so that you can learn more about their credentials and what techniques they are going to use. 

Common Options for Implants

One of the most important things that you will need to think about before breast augmentation surgery is which type of implant you would like to use. There are now a few popular implant types on the market, and each option has its own pros and cons. Currently, saline implants are one of the most common types because they are easy to put in place, safe, and relatively affordable. If you want your breasts to feel as natural as possible, then you might want to go with silicone implants. Those implants require a slightly bigger incision, but they look and feel just like natural breast tissue. 

Some of the other decisions that you will need to make are the location of the incisions, the location of the implants, and the shape of the implant shells. Those different variables can have a huge impact on the final appearance of your breasts, and you will probably want to carry out quite a bit of research on all of the different options. You can also ask your surgeon any questions that you might have during your initial consultation.

Your Procedure and Recovery

Breast augmentation surgery is usually a relatively quick operation that should take no more than two or three hours to complete. The entire operation can be carried out with a general anesthetic, but some patients prefer a local anesthetic and a powerful oral sedative. Once you have been anesthetized, your surgeon is going to make one small incision on each breast before putting the implants in the breast cavities. After they are in the correct positions, the surgeon is going to suture the incisions closed and place a compression bandage over your chest. 

When you get home from your procedure, a loved one should remain nearby for at least a few days so that they can help you with everyday tasks. Within two or three days, you will most likely be able to move around on your own as long as you are careful and don’t exert yourself too much. Most patients fully recover in five or six weeks, and that is when you can resume exercising.

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