Easy Exercises That Can Be Done in The Garden Without Equipment


Are you too busy to join the gym these days? Are you looking for ways to become fit? Then you’re at the right place. This article talks about very easy exercises that require no gym, no equipment, and these can be done at home in your garden. Now you’re not bound to follow gym timings and you can do exercise whenever you want. These exercises are easy to learn but don’t take them lightly because they offer great workout benefits to get you in the right shape. So, put on your favorite and comfortable workout clothes and start exercising today.


Planks are best for your core and they strengthen the abdominal muscles. It is such a fantastic yet challenges exercise that can be done anywhere including your garden. You have to start doing planks by lying flat on your garden while your face is on the ground. Now raise your body, rely on your elbows for upper body and rely on your toes for the lower body. Keep your back straight in the air and do not let your body fall down on the ground. Initially, do it for 30 seconds only and do it three times. Gradually, you can increase the time of each plank you perform. As you are at home, you can wear anything you want to in order to do this exercise. However, the best is to wear workout shorts with a tank top or a sweatshirt. Make sure whatever you wear, it must make you feel comfortable. 


Lunges are great for strengthening the lower-body and they help to initiate exercising regime with not so tough leg exercise. Stand straight as a starting position for this exercise then take one big step with your right leg while shifting your body weight on the same leg. Meanwhile, the left leg also moves forward keeping the foot in the same position but the weight should rather be on the toes only. The knee of the left leg should be parallel to the ground but should not touch the ground. Stay there for 3 to 5 seconds and come back to the starting position. Repeat the same on the alternate legs and this is how the lunges are done. Do twelve on each side and consider it as 1 set. Add 3 sets in your regular workout routine.

Mountain Climber

This exercise also targets your abdominal muscles while keeping your heart rate high. It means it develops your abdominal muscles and burns fat. Simply get in the position of flat pushups by lying on the ground while keeping the palms of your both hands on the ground. You should be facing the ground while keeping the body straight in the air and relying your body weight on the toes and the palms of the hands. After that, move right leg forward while keeping the left leg and the rest of the body in the same starting position. The right leg comes forward to about one foot and then goes back to the starting position. Do the same with the left leg. Keep doing this for 12 times while only one leg should come forward at a time. Just like two other forms of exercises discussed above, do 3 sets of mountain climber.


This is the classic form of core exercise that must be added to your regular exercising routine. It mainly involves your oblique muscles, pelvic muscles, hips, and lower back. All of these muscles are great to give stability to the body so strengthening them is very important. They are extremely easy with great benefits. Lay down on your back on the ground, put your hands at the back of the neck and try to get up using your core muscles. When you get up, your body should be making a right angle with the ground.

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