Dr. Charles Livingston – A Renowned Fat Loss Expert


Dr. Charles Livingston, the author of best selling weight loss system ‘Fat Loss Factor’ is a well known chiropractor and nutritionist. He acquired his doctorate degree in chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic which is the leading college of chiropractic situated at Davenport. Dr. Charles, who is also known as Dr. Michael Allen, has scarified many precious months of his life to discover effective ways of losing loss and using nutrition to get the best result. Fat Loss Factor is the mirror of work done by Dr. Charles and you will be amazed to see how much passion and dedication he showed to bring you the best fat loss system ever.


Charles has the honor to be awarded with Certification of Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner by International Chiropractors Association. He was also given a certificate in anesthesia after he dedicated his time with pain management anesthesia specialists.

Weight Loss Approach

Dr. Charles Livingston’s education, research and passion towards weight loss techniques enabled him to become a confident and trusted fat loss expert. He introduced an absolutely unique approach to achieve weight loss goal by using the most effective techniques based and diet and exercise plans.

Experience & Experiments

After extensive research about weight loss and nutrition, he decided to practice what he learnt and he successfully utilized his techniques to help people lose fat just in a very short period of 15 days. Successful experiment surely made him confident enough to use the system in wider way and soon he became a huge name of this industry.

A Multi-Talented Man

Dr Charles Livingston is a multi-talented man as he is a doctor, nutritionist, fat loss expert, certified chiropractic physician, wellness professional, public speaker, author and SEO expert. He studied search engine optimization strategies for many years under the guidance of well experienced SEOs. He is quite successful in achieving high page rankings in the biggest search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. His favorite niches are weight loss, chiropractic and internet marketing.

Being an Author

Dr. Charles Livingston is not just a well known practitioner but also a writer and has authored a complete set of weight loss books. He did not mingle everything in just one single book to confuse his readers, but separately discussed every major factor of fat loss science. The more important thing about his writing work is that he has recently launched his newest book called Fat Loss Factor and Cellulite Factor which is more scientific and more improved and portrays clearer picture of fat burning process.

About Author

is a fitness author at FatLossPot. He has keen interest in natural & healthy way of life. He has over 5 years experience of research on natural ways to lose weight and stay fit. He remains active in lots of health communities and help people by advising them on their current diet & weight loss goals.