Does Alcohol Help In Weight Loss?


Do you know that alcohol can be a real cause to increase intake of calories in your daily diet? In fact, it can be a very serious problem if you don’t overcome this bad habit. Therefore, it is really important for you to look at some of the facts about alcohol and weight loss.

When You Drink, Your Body doesn’t Proceed to Burn Other Calories

You might be addicted to drink alcohol but you should know that your body treat alcohol as poison when you consume and it prefers to burn the calories first that come through alcohol in your body. When it is processed by the liver, liver has to give its full focus and does not find the way to work with other calories, fats and sugar which ultimately store in your body. It shows if you drink more alcohol, you will compel your body to store more calories, fats and sugar.

Drinking While Eating will Make You Eat More

If you have had enough amount of food and don’t feel craving for more foods, you can drink which will not fill you up but if you drink before you begin your meal or during your meal, you will be more prone to eat more as in this case, your willpower and inhibitions will be greatly reduced. If you drink beverage with your regular meal, there is a greater chance that your body will begin storing extra number of calories in fat cells which will surely cause you weight gain.

Excessive Consumption can Cause Cancer

Some also believe that alcohol’s moderate consumption can be a good way to spend a better and longer life while on the other hands, if you consume excessive alcohol, it may be extremely dangerous for you and you will be more prone to get various chronic diseases such as liver cancer and breast cancer. It can also lead you to other serious problems such as stomach ulcers, heart troubles and liver disease.

Imbalance of Fluids Hormones

It has been scientifically proven that alcohol very badly affects the body hormones which are responsible to keep the fluid level into balance and when you drink alcohol, the balance gets out and you have to pay frequent visits for urination which also cause your body lose fluids.

Does Alcohol Helps in Weight Loss?

There are various opinions about the connection between alcohol and diet and an extensive research says that alcohol contains lots of calories and there is no doubt about it but on the other hands, it is also believed that drinking does not lead you to gain weight and off course this is one point of view not opinion of the whole fitness world.

It was also revealed in studies that some of the women who drink alcohol, often experience reduction in weight. If you have a moderation way of consumption, there should not be any problem for your body to lose weight. Moreover, if you drink slowly, it will also help your liver to proceed immediately.

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