Deep & Shallow Water Jogging


Water jogging is basically a way to do workouts into water. This type of jogging is also known as aqua jogging in some places. If you have some physical injuries or are unable to do your workouts on the ground because of any reason, you can choose this way of jogging.

Aqua Jogging Classification

The aqua jogging can be divided into two different types because of doing it into two different levels of water. These are known as:

  1. Deep Water Jogging
  2. Shallow Water Jogging

Both types of aqua jogging have their own benefits but most of the researchers have agreed that the deep waters are always better the shallow waters and when you go deep into the water, this lets you gain more stamina and you get much better results.

Tricks for Better Jogging Workouts

Water Shoes

Jogging in water might not be easy for you, but you can use exclusively designed shoes to make it easier for you. This type of shoes will help you sway and move into the deep water easily. If you have seen water flaps, you must have noticed that they have fins & pores on bottom and the same are found onto water shoes.

Water Bottle Holder

Jogging water bottle holder is another essential accessory that can be used under water. This bottle will keep the drinking water safe and clean and you can consume it inside water whenever you need it.

Water Jogging Belt

Water jogging belt is one more important tool to be used under water for the best results. This type of belt is used to measure the water level on which you are swimming. This belt is made of EVA Foam which enables the swimmer to maintain floating position on water.

Do’s & Don’ts of Aqua Jogging

There are some does and don’ts of aqua jogging and you should know about them to improve your performance while in water.


  • Properly use floating gadgets.
  • If you have a sweat shirt, put it on and if you have a cap, put it on your hair, this will speed up the process of heating and you will get much better results.
  • You should also wear water goggles on your eyes to protect them from the water.
  • Warm up your body for about 2-3 minutes before you jog.
  • Make sure your body stay straight into the deep water.
  • Keep moving your legs into the water so maximum number of calories can be burned.
  • Move both of your arms up and down to increase the speed.
  • When you are near to finish your workout, release your body from the float and have a normal swimming for about 2-3 minutes.


  • Don’t use your hands to paddle or move your body.
  • Don’t lean to your sides as this will disturb your workout plan.
  • If your body is warmer than the usual, you must avoid jumping into the water or else you may have flue to ache in your body.

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