Customized Fat Loss Review


Program Overview

Product’s Complete Name:            Customized Fat Loss
Author of CFL:                                 Kyle Leon
System Format:                               Digital
Delivery Method:                             Instant Download
Free Bonuses:                                   4 Bonuses
Regular Cost :                                   $47
Upgrades Charges:                          Free of Charge
Refund Policy:                                  Yes

What is Customized Fat Loss?

cfCustomized Fat Loss is nutritional and exercise program to get quick fat loss results. It has been developed by Kyle Leon to help people burn fat and gain lean muscle simultaneously.

Kyle Leon, a certified nutritionist, believes that generic diets are not for everyone as they are not tailored to match your body in order to produce optimal results. Customized Fat loss program by Kyle Leon is a breakthrough and doctor endorsed program which is different to most generic diet plans available in market as it is tailored to your nutritional needs to boost up your metabolism by three folds.

How Does Customized Fat Loss Work?

  • The Customized Fat Loss By Kyle Leon uses a formula which has been tested and approved by well known nutritionists, fines models and muscles building experts in the world.
  • The Customizable nutrition and exercise plans are recommended to meet every individual’s fat loss and muscle gain requirements.
  • These plans work with age, height, weight and metabolism to meld down the fat as fast as possible. CFL allocates every individual’s calories & macronutrients during the day to make sure that the maximum fat loss occur.
  • The system will enable you to provide your body with what it actually needs to burn the fat and save the muscles.
  • The system will also teach you calorie & macronutrient shifting techniques to help you recover and repair the broken or damaged tissues quickly.

What will CFL Show You?

  • Foods that burn fat quickly
  • Foods that you should never eat
  • Vital Nutrient
  • Technique to convert your body into a 24hours fat burning machine
  • How to boost metabolism
  • How to keep fat burning process awaken while you are sleeping

What Can You Expect From CFL?

  • Pure weight loss
  • Lean muscles gain
  • No harsh diets
  • No restrictions to eat delicious & flavorful foods
  • Healthy Living
  • Quality product in low price


Features and Product Description

  • Learn how generic diets are not the solution for your fat loss as they are not personalized, use outdated science and sacrifice valuable metabolism boosting muscles.
  • Comprehend extrinsic link between diet and fat loss and use this to your advantage to speed up your metabolism and burn fat even while you are sleeping.
  • Learn professional fat torching techniques without using pills, powders, supplements or even difficult exercises.
  • Program explains how crucial it is to eat right kind of food, specific amount and the best time to have it.
  • Learn how to work around medical conditions like thyroid problems or fat bones which might be making losing fat difficult.
  • Program works on fundamental that everybody has different nutritional needs, different body types, thus, different metabolisms and all these need to be put into consideration while designing fat loss program to produce optimal results.
  • Learn how to eat for your age.
  • Discover science behind body type as different body types respond differently to different nutrients.
  • Unravel the secret behind acquiring leaner muscles.
  • Find out 11 foods you should never have.
  • Find that one vital nutrient that kills your body’s ability to burn fat.
  • Get your own custom transformation tracker to make sure you are on the fastest possible pace.
  • The program loads 3 customized meal plans from a database of almost 1400 different foods for you to choose from each day and alternatively lets you build your own meal plan or make substitutions if you want.

Video Gallery

The program contains a large number of videos about all important topics related to weight loss and muscles gain. These videos will make it quite easy to understand and follow the program properly.

  • Nutrition Videos – Lemon Water Lesson, Bodybuilding Shepherds Pie, Vegetable Secret, Steak and Fish Lesson, Meat and Nuts Secret, Tips to Never Get Sick, GI-GL Lesson, Overeating Damage Lesson, Cool Calorie Lesson, Burrito Recipe, Appetite Control, Protein Pancakes, Intermittent Fasting, Perfect Breakfast, Protein Pudding
  • Training Videos – Stretching, Circuit Training, Never Do this Ab Exercise, Injuries, Underrated-Exercises, Blow Up Your Back, Cardio Lesson, Supersets, Targeted Muscle Building
  • Supplement – Supplement CEO Interview, Protein, Fish Oil, Truth About Ephedrine, Cortisol
  • Bonus Videos 1 – Sleep and Stress, Alcohol, Appetite-Control
  • Bonus Videos 2 – Exercise Demonstration Video Library includes 49 videos demonstrating all exercise so that user can easily follow them.

Who Should Use CFL?

CFL was developed for every individual including men, women, young and old. However, the only problem is that it will work effectively only for those who are really serious about losing fat.

Who is Kyle Leon?

kyledKyle Leon is a nutrition specialist, personal trainer & fitness model. He is world famous because of his best selling fitness and nutritional systems called Customized Fat Loss & The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. He has been serving as the fitness advisor at the advisory board of BioTrust Nutrition. He is also the spokesperson and senior product development consultant for Blue Star Nutraceuticals.

In the last few years, he has helped thousands of people to lose weight and gain lean muscles with his customizable nutritional approach and exercises which have given quick and successful results.


  • 1) Customized Fat Loss Training – Burn off fat 3x faster by incorporating exercises with diet plan and rev up metabolism as the body starts releasing 2.5x more natural fat burning hormones.
  • 2) Customized Fat Loss Supplementation – Learn what supplements to avoid and what four supplements to have.
  • 3) Customized Fat Loss Unlimited Upgrades – Stay updated whenever new versions come out.
  • 4) Customized Fat Loss Peak in a Week – A one-week training plus nutrition guide to skin tightening using water manipulation technique and an abs popping secret used by top fitness models to appear toned.

Money Back Guarantee

Customized Fat Loss System comes with a 60-Day 100% money back guarantee and the Kyle has promised in return each of your penny if you don’t get satisfactory results in 60 days.

CONS in This Program

Must Have Access to Internet

This is an online system, therefore, you must have an access to internet and if you don’t, you are unable to take the advantage of this system.

Seems to Be Difficult in the Beginning

This system seems to be difficult in the beginning especially for those who have never used such weight loss program which has focuses on both diet and exercise at the same time.

Take Some More Time

It might take some time to see effective results.

Use of Additional Equipment

Some exercises might make use of some additional equipment.

Not Suitable for Some People

This program is not suitable for those who are looking something to help them lose weight without meal plans.


PROS of This Program

  • Program does not entail restrictive or crash diet.
  • It is specific to individual needs which are more effective than generic diets.
  • It is recommended by fat loss physicians such as Dr. Holloway and is based on scientific principles.
  • No muscle loss is incurred.
  • It provides methods to track fat loss for maximum productivity.
  • It can be used by all genders and all ages.
  • You can get instant access to the product as it is available in digital version.


Overall, Customized Fat Loss program has true potential as it takes different factors such as body types and nutritional needs into account which is very different from most generic fat loss programs. However, it does require a change in lifestyle of most people if they are to see any actual results.

The Customized Fat Loss Main Program, 3 Bonuses, Upgrades and Video Tutorials all are quite informative and helpful in getting rid of body fat. Another important thing is Kyle’s confidence in the success of his system which is seen when he says he will return 100% money if the customer does not get completely satisfied with his system.

You must have taken an idea about the effectiveness of Customized Fat Loss System from the in-depth review and it does not seem to be a scam. Go ahead and give a try to this system but make sure that you take full money back guarantee.


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    Customized Fat Loss Product created by Kyle Leon has gained a lot of popularity due to its fat burning effects. There are some necessary recommendations in this program, from which you can proceed your weight loss practices with the help of appropriate diet plan and workout steps as suggested by Kyle Leon. Many of the users got satisfied effects after implementing this program; their body fat diminishes because they followed each and everything steadily. Now there is a chance for you to give yourself a muscular change with the help of Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss Program; it has proven to be effective for your physique development without having any side effects.