Common Misconceptions You Should Not Believe About Coolsculpting


In so many scenarios you do all that is right to lose weight and still end up with fat deposits that simply do not go away. If those deposits do not disappear, you may want to consider a CoolSculpt procedure. It can definitely help you remove fat deposits but unfortunately, just like most of the procedures designed to help those that need to lose weight, various misconceptions and myths surround it.

Below you can see some of the really common misconceptions associated with CoolSculpting and why they are incorrect.

CoolSculpting Tightens Skin

CoolSculpt is a special procedure that will remove unwanted fat pockets while also sculpting your body. However, it cannot tighten any lax skin. If you are interested in skin tightening, this is not the treatment that you want to go through. The good news though is that when CoolSculpting is done at a reputable clinic, extra treatments are scheduled so your skin will also look perfect after unwanted fat is removed.

You Only Need CoolSculpting Once

Many think that the problem will be solved after one CoolSculpting session. Unfortunately, this is a belief that is common with many other similar procedures. The truth is this is possible but quite rare. The individual’s body is different from others. Your personal goals and needs are quite unique. It is the experts that have to work with you and create a fully customized plan that will help you reach results. In many cases, this automatically means going through multiple treatments.

After CoolSculpting You Will No Longer Need Liposuction Or Surgery

In CoolSculpting there is no invasive surgery. The procedure will remove the bulges that do not go away with exercise and diet. It is not created to be that weight loss solution you have been looking for as you need to get rid of a lot of volumes. Something like this is easier to achieve through liposuction. Basically, CoolSculpting is great because surgical procedures are not involved but this does not actually mean you may not need surgery in the future. You practically have to visit the provider and see what the best decision is for the needs you have right now.

I Am Way Too Fat To Get CoolSculpting Done

CoolScultping was created in order to get rid of fat cells that are unwanted and to help you to feel better, look trimmer. We do not have any BMI or weight restrictions that apply to this procedure. Remember though that CoolSculpting was never meant to be a solution for weight loss. Your goals and needs are going to dictate how treatments are necessary. When your goal is to lose weight, alternative solutions or procedures might be needed.

Weight Loss Is Needed Before CoolSculpting

Weight loss is not necessary before CoolSculpting treatment. The very best results are for those that are within ideal weight limits and have some fat deposits that are resistant to exercise and diet. What should be added is that with many patients CoolSculpting offers an extra motivation necessary to properly take care of oneself. A desire to further or maintain results does tend to lead to healthier food consumption and increased exercise.

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