Combine Eyelid Surgery With a Brow Lift to Refresh Your Appearance


While the traditional facelift has been one of the most popular facial rejuvenation procedures for many years, it isn’t going to alter the upper half of the face. That operation primarily focuses on fine lines around the mouth and loose skin along the jawline, and it isn’t going to address any cosmetic issues near the eyes or brow. If you want to deal with oversized eyelids, drooping eyelids, or deep brow folds, then you might want to consider a combination procedure. Eyelid surgery can be combined with brow lift surgery to completely refresh and rejuvenate the upper half of the face during a single operation. Those procedures could be exactly what you need to boost your confidence and take years off your appearance. 

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

This advanced procedure allows doctors to carefully adjust the upper and lower eyelids so that patients don’t have to struggle with loose skin that gives them a tired look or impacts their vision. To carry this procedure out, you will first be given a strong anesthetic or sedative. The surgical team is then going to make one or more small incisions near each of the eyelids. If all four of the eyelids are going to be altered, then the surgeon might need to make as many as four incisions. They are then going to remove small amounts of fatty tissue from the eyelids and pull the remaining skin tight. Due to the complexity of this procedure, you should only work with a doctor who specializes in eyelid surgery. An experienced and skilled surgeon can create a very natural appearance and minimize your risk of post-op complications.

A Look at Brow Lifts

If you are worried about imperfections throughout the forehead, then your eyelid procedure can be combined with brow lift surgery for a complete transformation. The primary goal of a brow lift is to reverse the signs of aging by creating a smooth and toned forehead. That is accomplished by making one or more small incisions just above the hairline. The surgeon can then use a small tube to find and eradicate excess tissue. They will also be able to pull all of the remaining tissue tight so that your brow looks youthful and rejuvenated. The brow lift is going to create a smooth forehead, and it is the perfect option for anyone who is unhappy with their appearance because of deep forehead wrinkles that make them look aged or like they are constantly frowning. 

What to Expect Following Your Combination Operation

For these procedures, the patient will either be given a local anesthetic and strong oral sedative or a general anesthetic. Once the medication has kicked in, the surgical team will begin to alter all of the fat and skin throughout the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, and forehead. After the skin is in the correct position, the incisions are carefully sutured and the patient can head home. For the first 48 hours, you should plan on spending most of your time in bed with ice packs on your head and brow. Once the swelling and inflammation have partially subsided, you can head back to your surgeon for a quick checkup. Throughout your recovery, you must spend most of your time relaxing while the soft tissue heals. As long as you stay healthy and get plenty of rest, you should be able to resume all activities by the fourth or fifth week. To learn more about these operations, you need to schedule a meeting with a doctor who specializes in eyelid surgery as well as a brow lift.

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