CBD Oil For Sale in Various Delivery Methods


Cannabidiol or CBD has become the most widely discussed and researched topic lately. This information has been furnished from various sources both online and offline. It is interesting to note that these developments have started taking place after cannabis has been legalized in many states in the USA. CBD oil has become a hot topic and you can listen people talking about the same everywhere. With innumerable health and therapeutic benefits, people have opined that CBD oil can provide relief from various kinds of problems – right from pain to anxiety and other things. You can buy CBD oil online now conveniently from online as well as offline sources. These oils are available in varying concentrations and potencies. You can choose the one which matches with your requirements in the best manner. 

How CBD oil can be used?

Now that there is abundant availability of CBD oil for sale, you have to decide as how to use this oil in the best possible manner. One thing that you have to keep into consideration in this regard is that bioavailability of the oil. We know that each human body is different from the other. What is suitable for one might not be suitable for the other. So it is important to understand the volume of CBD oil that the body can take and for the system to absorb. There are different delivery methods of the product and the bioavailability of each method will have a different level altogether. You have to understand this clearly before you make a choice regarding the delivery method. Whether you use CBD for anxiety, pain management, stress, mental health or any other issue, you must know about the bioavailability and then proceed further.

Buy CBD oil – different ways in which it can be used

When you take a look for CBD oil for sale, you will also come to know of the different ways in which the oils can be used. Some of the most common ways are mentioned below:

  • Inhalation – There are times when CBD is used is used for instant relief. People who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks know of such emergency situations very well. Inhaling or vaping CBD for anxiety is really helpful because the components from the oil reach straight to the lungs of the patient, where it is rapidly absorbed in the bloodstream showing instant results almost. When the good effects are felt by the patient immediately it is highly reassuring. 

The bioavailability which is attributed to this method is almost 30-40%. The benefits obtained from this delivery method lasts for few hours. Along with this, CBD oil is also used for vaping as a recreational activity to relax and de-stress. Vaping is done through a vaping device and these oils are available in unflavored and flavored versions. 

  • Sublingual – CBD oil is the most common kind of cannabinoid known and extensively used. The most common way of taking the oil is sublingually. This means that by using a dropper, the oil is taken and placed under the tongue for almost 60-90 seconds. The mucous membranes are very active in this part of the mouth and the CBD is absorbed through the same. This method comes with bioavailability of 20-30%. 

The dosage of CBD oil received from this method is pretty accurate. The CBD reaches the bloodstream directly. Patients suffering from chronic conditions get great relief from this method as the effects are obtained quite quickly. Sublingual users often prefer flavored versions of the CBD oil as many don’t like the natural taste of the oil. 

  • Topical – CBD topicals have been proved to be very effective for people suffering from sore knee or dry patch of skin. In such cases, the CBD topical must be applied to the area directly. The topical treatment is available in the form of salves, lotions, creams and balms and provide targeted relief from various chronic problems. As a result, the bioavailability associated with such products is almost non-existent or nil. 

CBD infused topicals are great for areas on which they are applied. But they are not much effective for issues like migraine or stress etc. Topical CBD for anxiety is not suitable in any way. The topical treatment with CBD does not get absorbed into the bloodstream. Thus, there are no chances that this will be detected in a blood test. 

  • Oral – Oral consumption of CBD is also quite popular with people. In this format, one can swallow or chew CBD products. CBD oil is available in the form of soft gels and capsules, which need to be swallowed. They are also available as edibles in the form of CBD gummies and chocolate bars. This is a great option of people who need to travel from one place to another and carrying the edible versions is convenient with no fear of leakages etc. The bioavailability of these products is almost 5%. 

Obviously, it takes some time for the oral method to work, but once the effects kick in, it remains for a long time span of even 8 hours or so. To reach the right dosage, the volume of edibles that need to be taken is high and hence it might become expensive in the long run. 

  • Suppositories – CBD suppositories are less common but are becoming available now day by day. This delivery method is great for people who cannot swallow or eat CBD in any way. Patients suffering from vomiting or nausea or require higher doses of CBD find this way most suitable. The bioavailability of this mode is almost 80-90% and is the highest which can be obtained. These work very quickly and the effects last for almost 8 hours. 
  • Transdermal – When you are looking to buy CBD oil, you can choose from the transdermal variety as well. These are available in the form of creams, patches and lotions. Though these are same as topicals, but transdermal formulas are designed to be absorbed by the body. The bioavailability of this product is 70% minimum. 

They are expensive option, but they provide relief for local pain as well as for neurological and mental conditions in the body. Effects from this mode of treatment remains for almost 8-12 hours. 

Next time you see CBD oil for sale, check for the different delivery options and then take a decision.

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