Can Chocolate Really Help You Lose Weight?


There is a very common myth about chocolate that it is one of the greater causes of gaining fat especially in those who are chocolate lovers and eat a lot. This is the reason why most of the people always try to avoid chocolates so they don’t gain weight. However, the myth is just a myth which may be wrong as a latest research about chocolate and weight gain has shown that chocolate can actually help you lose weight. Most of the people are afraid of accepting this statement as a fact and don’t want to compromise over their health and fitness.

An Interesting Report Publish in Archives of Internal Medicine

A very interesting report was published in an issue of Archives of Internal Medicine in which a team of researchers shared their findings about the effects of chocolates on human bodies. Though, the findings were found to be totally against all traditional rules and historical facts the chocolate, people took lots of interest in this report as it was like a ray of hope for those who love to eat chocolates but stop themselves due to the fear of gaining weight.

Various Benefits of Eating Chocolate Linked to Metabolic Functions

It was also shown that the chocolate has lots of others benefits such as reductions in the level of high blood pressures and improving insulin sensitivity, controlling cholesterol levels and various other facts linked to the metabolic functions. However. All of those benefits are considered to be nothing if chocolate still has the element that cause increase in gaining weight and therefore, this report has come under huge controversy.

Logic Behind Elimination of Fat Deposition in Human Body

According to the UC San Diego researchers, the body mass index commonly known as BMI gets effected by metabolism just as much as cholesterol levels or blood pressure. On the basis of it, it was assumed that the consumption of chocolate might help you eliminate the fat deposition in the body if it is eaten at first place. In view of some, it may be considered a little logical.

The Research Conducted by UC San Diego researchers

The research team recruited about 1000 people including both men and women ranging from 20 years to 85 years of age from the San Diego area. It was also made sure that all of them have clear history and have never been affected with high cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

During the survey, some questions were asked to all of them about their dieting, exercise, heath and other physical activities. When the data was collected, it was assumed that those who eat chocolate should be fatter and have heavier BMI because all of them have almost the same facts such as higher calories intake, more saturated fats and most importantly they did not have the exercise more than the non-chocolate eaters.

The results were quite surprising because those who eat chocolate were found to be thinner than the other people. There were lots of variation among all 1000 people such as age factor, gender and physical activities, however, one thing was common among all and that is chocolate consumption which was surprisingly linked to lower BMI.

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