Caffeine in Green Tea – Is It Harmful?


Green tea is not a newly discovered drink but it has been used for many centuries especially in ancient countries like China and India. It is considered to be one of the most effective sources of herbal treatments to treat various ailments. In some countries green tea consumption has become a regular drink and people don’t think about its benefits but it does not matter as its benefits are unlimited.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Tea

Green tea is tasty drink and is very high in antioxidants. However, it still has a drawback and that is caffeine content found in the drink. It might be a little surprising for those who regularly drink it but it does not mean that the benefits should be ignored. Here are few simple ways to measure the level of enjoyment without getting effects with caffeine.

1) Weight Loss

One of the most important green tea health benefits are weight loss. The weight loss agents found in green tea play a vital role in increasing body metabolism. The polyphenol factor greatly helps in deoxidizing body and this converts the excessive body weight into calories.

2) Glucose Level

The second major benefit of green tea is controlling the level of glucose in the body. It is suggested that having a cup after every meal will bring down the higher level of blood sugar. Those suffering from this problem must try this natural way of cure.

3) Skin Glow

The skin care products manufacturing companies try to fool the people with their inspiring advertising campaigns and everyone feels the need to buy such products to improve the health of their skins. However, all such benefits which are just claimed by the skin care manufactures can be gained with this natural and free source.

4) Blood Pressure

Is green tea good for you in case of high blood pressure? Well, the drink is effective in many serious conditions and one of such condition is high blood pressure which cannot be ignored as blood pressure itself may not be a disease but it might be a cause for many other problems. Researches have shown that green tea is quite effective in lowering down the high blood pressure.

Switch from Caffeine to Green Tea

Someone who is caffeine addicted can easily switch from caffeine to green tea. If you have been living a caffeine addicted life for long time, you might be wondering how much caffeine in green tea will be enough for you. Well, you don’t need to worry about it as this will be enough to quit your habit of drinking caffeine but don’t include extra amount of caffeine in your teacup.

How Many Cups a Day?

Green Tea is a natural sources and off course, it does not bear side effects. Now the question is how many cups a day would be beneficial for health? Well, it is up to you as different people take different number of cups. However, the maximum number of cups should not exceed more than twelve.

Green Tea Vs. Black Tea

If you compare green tea with black tea, you will discover that green tea is much better than the other one not just in health benefits but also in other matters. For example black tea is said to be fermenting inside the body. Moreover, it causes strains on teeth and another disadvantage is that your skin will soon be getting darker. Therefore, there is no other drink better than green tea.

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