Bottled Water VS Tap Water


Drinking water is the most important and essential part of your daily life and you can’t skip it as you must maintain your healthy lifestyle which is impossible without drinking water. However, there is lots of controversy over the use of tap and drinking water as you might have also watched some of the advertisements and campaigns which strongly recommend drinking bottled water.

Compare Bottled Water with Tap Water

  • Those who are in favor of drinking only bottled water give a reason that the new products of water are infused with sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins which are really important for human body.
  • If you are passing nearby a grocery store, you just need to have a look inside the store and you will see that there is overabundance of watery products which are introduced to provide super fitness with the claim that those products are infused with additional ways of calcium, fluoride, and magnesium.
  • For example, if you check out some of them, you will read that they claim to provide you best solution to replenish missing amount of fluids which are drained out when you have higher intensity workouts.
  • There are not some specific types of bottled water. In fact, you have huge choices as there are thousands of such bolted water products being sold with different brand names but with almost the same claims.
  • You should not be surprised if I say that we Americans spends millions of dollars on bottled water and if you compare both type of water, you will find that bottled water is a clear winner due to the highest sales.
  • It is believe that the bottled water have been very effective and helpful in improving immune systems especially if they have got weakened due to many reasons.
  • Water claims to be the most effective antioxidant against parasites such as cryptosporidium that is considered to be a major cause of nausea, vomiting and watery diarrhea.
  • Those who have weakened immune system are always more prone to be affected by the waterborne disease and illnesses which may be caused by drinking tap water.
  • Those who are in favor of tap water have the same claims made by the bottled water companies such as huge amount of minerals and essential nutrients, etc.
  • As far as the availability of the tap water is concerned in the western world, the tap water already gets fortified with essential nutrient and minerals which our body need to keep all the cylinders running.
  • Fluoride occurs in water naturally and it is especially good for those who are nourishing their babies. However, if the fluoride levels are raised up in the water, it may greatly increase the risk of fluorosis in babies.

Final Words

The factors that bring the different between the two types of water are price, quality and purity level. If you compare them all, you can easily figure out what is best for you. Most of the people believe that there are not too great differences in quality and as far as the price is concerned, tap water is free and most importantly, you don’t have to wait for the demand supply to arrive.

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