Best Fat Loss Workout Routines for Men


When you need to lose weight, you can find a large number of programs and plans which can greatly help you. However, all are not same as some perform better while the others don’t. The researches have shown that the program which are designed specifically for men or women are found to be even better as they fulfill the specific requirement for different body types but due to some reasons those who follow such programs can’t continue and quit in the middle.

Can Men Lose Weight More Easily?

If you compare men and women, you will find that the men find it much easier to lose weight if they follow high intensity and high frequency. This si due to the fact that men tend to have more lean muscle tissues which burn more calories than body fat. In a study published in British Journal Of Nutrition,  it was found that withing 2 months men have lost twice as much weight as women in same program. If you are one of those who have been looking for some good weight loss programs to trim down the excessive body fat and get lean muscles, you can follow the tips recommended in this article.

Skipping – Best Fat Loss Workouts for Men


  • Now when you want to lose weight, you must put it at the highest priority and then you should look for the best and proven way to do this which is called skipping.
  • Surprised? Well, you should be because skipping is normally thought to be the most favorite exercise of women who don’t let the men win into this but surely, it is great for men as well and if they try, they can get huge advantage from it.
  • The best thing about skipping is that it helps your body reach maximum heart rate which is always your first target while you are trying to lose weight and this is thought to be even much quicker than the sprinting or jogging.
  • You might have heard about boxing jump rope and now the question is if it is not useful for them then why they do it? In fact, it has lots of benefits and if you skip only for fifteen minutes 2-3 times in a day, you will see how awesome it can be.



  • It is one of the best exerciser that not only helps you burn plenty of kilo joules but also strengthen your bones and muscles.
  • Instead of using Treadmill, try to run in a local park or at a track.
  • Always remember that do not “reward” yourself with extra food after running as it will cancel any progress you have made and may increase in wight gain instead.
  • It can also helps you relive your stress as well as depressions which are also found to be the culprits of wight gain in many cases.

High Intensity Lifts – Fat Loss Workout Men


  • Most of men don’t like cardio and if you are one of them, you don’t need to it anymore. Instead, you can do your fat loss workout plan right inside your home without going outside or another place.
  • High intensity level dumbbell lifts are thought to be great for whole body. It really works because of an increased level of heart rate which is about 75% of your highest heart rate level and at this level, you begin feeling like you are actually doing cardio workouts.
  • The interesting thing about this strategy is that you will not just be doing strength training and cardio but this will help your body release huge amount of growth hormones which will be greatly increasing metabolic rate.
  • The exercise involves most of the bigger muscle mass at the same time and then the body release out the testosterone as well as the human growth hormones and both of these elements are believed to be greatly linked with maximum weight loss and weight loss and mass gain.
  • Moreover, you must know that performing more difficult fat loss workout routines for men can help you perform even better and this will be resulted into even higher metabolic rate and this is the reason why the athletes are found to be having much higher metabolic rates.

Lean Muscles – Fat Loss Workout Plan for Men


  • You also need to build lean muscles as it is believed that the muscles can be more effective for burning calories than the mare fat. You may go for “Higher Reps and Low Weight” workout routines.
  • You might have seen men who are physically fitter, usually eat more than those who are not healthy and the actual reason behind it is that their bodies consume higher amount of calories because of putting on muscle mass, they need to maintain their shape and size.
  • When the traditional forms of workouts with dumbbell are converted into high intensity workouts, they become the fat blasting routines and then you don’t have to use the same old cardio movements like cycling or running.

Final Words

Workout can be a very effective method to lose weight if done correctly. It increases your metabolism rate and unlike cardio it is a permanent increase which helps you maintain your lean musle mass. Workout not only helps you lose fat but also tone your body at the same time. But do not expect miracle in a couple of days. Try to hit gym at least 3-4 times per week and keep committed to your goals. Always remember that nothing is easy and you have to work hard to get what you want or where you want to be.

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