Juicing Wheatgrass – 8 Steps To Grow Wheatgrass For Juicing


You just need to have little knowledge of wheatgrass to get its huge health benefits. It has been proven that wheatgrass is a great source of getting all the essential and important nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. Therefore, you should never neglect such great natural health treasure and it must be included in your diet menu.

Benefits of Juicing Wheatgrass

As mentioned above that the benefits of juicing wheatgrass are huge but you would surely like to know some of them to understand the importance of juicing wheatgrass.

  • Studies show that the high consumption of chlorophyll can help in reducing the symptoms and causes of colon cancer. There are a number of vegetables which are rich in chlorophyll but wheatgrass is richer than the others. Therefore, the juicing wheatgrass should be part of your regular diet.
  • Another great healthy benefit of wheatgrass is that it is also effective in detoxification process which is resulted into smooth circulation of blood in your body.

How to Grow Wheatgrass for Juicing?

Wheatgrass is easily available in form of cut flats which you can buy to prepare juice at your home. If you are too busy in your routine life and don’t have time to make juices at home, you can simply visit a heath food store from where you can buy ready-to-drink wheatgrass juice. You can also find wheatgrass as frozen, powder or tablet. These are some of the ways to consume wheatgrass juicing, however, if you are interested to know how to grow wheatgrass for juicing at home, you will need to follow 8 simple steps.

  • Step # 1:Prepare the planting tray, seedlings and mixed soil. These things can be obtained from a gardening shop and when you have all of them, you can take the next 7 steps to grow the wheatgrass.
  • Step # 2:Step # 2: Now you should soak the grass seeds in water and leave them for about 8 hours.
  • Step # 3:In this step you will use the planting try to fill with mixed soil.
  • Step # 4:After 8 hours, the seeds are ought to be completely soaked in water, pick them out of the water to dry out.
  • Step # 5:When the seeds get completely dried, place them carefully in planting tray in the soil which you have already put in. Now place another layer of soil on it and then water it.
  • Step # 6:All is done now and you just need to make sure that the soil maintains moisture for which you can use plastic or paper sheet to cover the try.
  • Step # 7:After a few days, the plantation will need sunshine and you can uncover the try to keep it at some ideal place where it can get the sunshine.
  • Step # 8:When the grasses get the height of seven inches or more, you can harvest them to make your own juicing recipes from your own garden beets.

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