Balancing weight gain in old age with testosterone


One of the most natural processes in our lives is ageing. It is absolutely inevitable. Ageing results in a reduction of cognitive abilities, lowering of brain activities, decrease in physical activities and so on. Along with these, low testosterone also occurs in men. With age, the levels of testosterone reduce in men. This goes on to affect several aspects of their lives and create several psychological problems as well. Men after they get older than thirty-five start to show signs of such lowering of testosterone. In this article, you will learn about how you can balance this.

Gaining weight and lowering of testosterone

Weight gain will occur as men get older. It will be a long battle to keep their weight in check for men, but the gaining of weight will result in the lowering of testosterone levels as well. Men start to accumulate weight as the testosterone level reduces in their bodies and lean muscle also becomes lesser. Testosterone targets a lot of different parts of the body determines the balance of glucose, fats and insulin also.

Men who have low testosterone will be at risk of getting resistance to insulin, and that will result in more weight gain in their bodies. Lowering of insulin will also result in a rise of the inflammation markers, for instance, the C-reactive protein. The inflammation will also contribute to conditions like obesity or even cancer. Besides these, the fat will be built up inside the body and increase the inflammatory markers.

When fat is more, the amount of testosterone production gets hampered. Body fat has certain enzymes that convert the hormonal testosterone in oestrogen. Oestrogen slows down testosterone production in the body. Thus, more fat will be accumulated.

The excess amount of fat that gets combined with the low testosterone will end up in worsening the situation. If the amount of fat is more, then it will increase the speed at which the testosterone gets broken down. Thus, with excess weight testosterone will get more easily burnt up.

Some natural ways to balance testosterone with an increase in weight

Perhaps the best method to deal with an increase in weight with low testosterone levels would be by doing more exercises and having a measured and controlled diet. When you eat less and do more exercises, then that will help you in reducing your weight.

In general, you can try to do normal weight lifting exercises that can help you to build up muscles and increase testosterone production. This will also lower your body fat. Weight lifting will actually trigger the production of testosterone in your body.

Yoga is also another safe option for you to try, and there are a bunch of wonderful yoga poses that you can try to help you in both losing your weight and boosting your testosterone.

You can find a lot of supplementary testosterone boosters also, look up the best testosterone boosters on the internet for more information on these products.


Testosterone levels lower with an increase in weight but you can manage it with adequate exercising. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will help you

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