Are steroids safe for losing belly fat?


First things first, all of us need to understand that weight loss takes hell lot of time and requires immense amount of patience. It entails you to be on a healthy diet regime and to exercise regularly. Only then one can decide if they require taking steroids or not.

Steroids are no magical substances to make the fat disappear with the blink of an eye. It only makes it faster to lose fat with steroids. It is not a needle to suck away the fat or drain it out of the body into the sink instantly.

On the contrary, there are steroids that help in losing weight or burn fat from the belly. Although, losing weight from the belly is one of the most strenuous, demanding, time consuming and stressful things in the world. But these fat loss steroids make this process faster and facile for you. Basically, they increase the levels of testosterone in the body and make it possible for you to exercise and workout harder, hence the results.

Following are some steroids which are usually used for the purpose of losing belly fat.


Anavar is considered to be one of the best steroids to make you lose weight by cutting down the fat. It has the capacity of impeding one’s stress hormones. It also has been found to increase metabolism. It increases the number of red blood cells in the body, which pumps oxygen and nutrients in the body when desired the most. This will leave you with enhanced stamina and endurance, resulting in more strength to lift heavier and push yourself than your usual capacity. In return, it will definitely burn calories, hence the decrease in weight.

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Winstrol is also considered to be one of the finest steroids when it comes to weight loss. But the twist while using Winstrol is, it should be used when you wish to gain some muscle mass and burn fat.

Using Winstrol will increase nitrogen retention in the body, which results in increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.  This change in the body helps in retaining the muscles your body already has, as well as gain some extra muscles too. It has been found to increase the metabolism which is a source of fat burning.

Winstrol has the ability to release testosterone in the body which will eventually burn the body fat. It also spurs any loss of water which is even more beneficial in burning fat.


If one wants to have pure fat burning and a lean body, Clenbuterol is the steroid one should opt for.  It increases the adrenaline secretion in the body by stimulating the adrenal glands leaving you more energized and alert. Clenbuterol causes powerful thermogenic effects, turbocharging metabolism and BMR. It has an advantage over other steroids in the business that it burns calories even when the body is at rest, making you under eat and burn fat.

There have not been any major side effects when it comes to Clenbuterol. Other than just insomnia, that too due to the stimulating effects of this medicine, it is very safe and widely used.

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