Aqua Jogging Workouts – Underwater Exercise for Everyone


If you don’t want to jog or walk on the land because of the impact ratio, you can go for aqua jogging which gives you an opportunity to avoid all those impacts that you have to suffer while walking on land. The researches show that in water you have to face the heavy air resistance which enables you to tone and strengthen your muscles in the more effective way. It is also noticeable that aqua jogging can also be a great way to tone the muscles even if you are suffering from joint pain. The pregnant women can also enjoy the benefits of aqua jogging.

Jog in Shallow or Deep Water

You can jog in both shallow and deep waters but for both of these waters you will know the importance of the depth of water you are jogging in. If you are standing in shallow water, you should maintain the water depth between your chest and knee levels. The difference between aqua jogging in deeper and shallower water is that in shallower water you have to face an increased impact while the resistance gets decreased. On contrary, in deeper water, you will get more resistance and less impact. Therefore, the depth of water must be according to the level of comfort you feel while jogging.

Before going into the deeper water, wear aqua jogging belts which will help you float in the water. You can also use a noodle which is placed between the legs. While you are jogging, make sure that you push yourself through the water similarly to the way you do on land. Another way for jogging in deeper water is swinging in the water with straight legs and arms. If you want to increase the level of difficulty of your aqua jogging, you can use aqua dumbbells. Hold the aqua dumbbells in your hands and push against the water resistance.

Is Aqua Jogging useful for Everyone?

This is another important thing to know that you can customize your aqua jogging workout to meet your requirement to gain the desired level of fitness. This type of water exercise is always effective for everyone even for those who don’t have great body shape and really need something to work effectively with their muscles mass.

You can simply begin your workout with a warm-up session of 5 minutes by walking on land near the pool area or use aqua jogging vest to walk in shallow water to float. Once you begin exercises, keep walking until you get tired or can’t enhance the duration of your workout.

Calories Burned Aqua Jogging

In aqua jogging, you maintain your body in a vertical position and your legs actually jog under deeper water. You can also move your arms for motion or let them stay still. If you weight about 150 pounds, in your aqua jogging calories burned about 500 calories within an hour. With the help of underwater swimming, you can burn a huge amount of calories within a period of an hour. No matter either you are training for some swimming competition or just having your regular swimming session, you can use this aqua exercise to become great.

Why to Wear Aqua Jogging Shoes?

Aqua jogging shoes are just like the other shoes which are designed to enhance the performance of the athletic or players. Aqua jogging shoes are exclusively designed for those who want to walk in the water. While you are jogging or walking in the water, you cannot wear your regular shoes that you wear on land as these shoes become wet, heavy and soggy in the water within a few seconds. On the other hands aqua shoes are designed in such a way that they don’t get soggy or heavy in the water. When you wear this type of shoes and go under water, you feel comfortable because of the light weight. Soles attached with the aqua shoes, prevent the water stay on your feet and push it away.


Aqua jogging is not like the other exercises that you have to perform at the gym or at your home with light or heavy equipments. In fact, this is the slimiest and the easiest exercise that you can ever do to get huge benefits. To perform this exercise, you just need a pair of shorts and a pair of aqua shoes. You don’t have to buy any other aqua jogging equipment for water if you have the two above mentioned equipments.

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