An Improved Experience for Seniors in Wheelchairs


The world of DME, durable medical equipment has literally exploded. Just a short few years ago so many of these items were not available on the market. Today after so much innovation and creativity there are so many items. However, I would like to focus on the wheelchair category.

One of the biggest innovations in the wheelchair category are the way they are being built in terms of their weight. One of the biggest issues were always how to have a strong and sturdy wheelchair but at the same time not be to heavy. After all, let’s not forget, it’s usually a senior using these wheelchairs and have to carry them in and out of a car, can be very difficult. One of the big breakthroughs was the way the manufacturers started manufacturing ultralight wheelchairs where they sometimes can way just 20 pounds, making it extremely easy to naive and maneuver.

Another big thing, is the way the seats and backs are now made. They are made out of extremely comfortable material making the ride for a disabled individual much more relaxed. The wheels are also made out of materials that make going over a bump very smooth. These chairs are also very strong, making sure the patient on them is safe and secure.

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