Advantages of Using a Grappling dummy in Your Training


All of the martial arts require much energy, time and dedication to be mastered. No wonder an athlete has to work hard for a long time before he or she becomes a pro.

The process of training itself can be fun and pleasant if you are really in love with the sport, especially if right training equipment is used.

Many professionals from different disciplines of martial arts highly recommend using grappling dummies. They can be of much help for you if you are a follower of boxing, MMA, BBJ, wrestling and more.

In this article, we will try to answer the questions about dummy. What is it? Who can use it? How can it help and speed up your progress? Which specific kind of dummy is for me?

If you have just started practicing martial arts it may seem that all of the grappling dummies are just the same. That statement is wrong and you will have to be careful to choose the right one for the sport you practice and your individual needs.

What is a grappling dummy?

Dummies differ in size, shape, style and other characteristics. There are grappling dummies, punching dummies, heavy dummies, light dummies… The right choice depends on the sports discipline you are practicing, your height and weight, your skills etc. Many athletes even use several different dummies for different exercises.

To learn about different kinds of dummies for more details, see the list of top 5 grappling dummies for 2018. What this informative website shows about grappling dummies is all you need to make a decision about buying one.

For many disciplines of combat sports grappling dummy is an essential part of daily routine. Differences between combat sports are vast and so are the differences between dummies. But there is something in common as long as a grappling dummy is concerned.

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With a proper dummy, you get the chance to practice your fighting skills without a partner. Of course, fighting a dummy can never be the same as sparring with another athlete.

The main reason is that it does not move and all martial arts are basically movements. You move and your opponent responds. Being a good fighter means having the adequate, correct responses to the movement of your opponent.

In spite of this, there are several significant advantages a grappling dummy, or a punching dummy can bring.

Benefits of using a grappling dummy

  • Mastering your technique – mastering some techniques in combat sports require much time. You need to repeat a certain movement thousands of times before your body learns the knack of it. This is one of the main reasons why athletes love dummies – you can punch it or throw it as many times as you like.
  • Increased safety – practically in every discipline of martial arts there always is a risk of injury to you and/or your opponent. Grappling dummies don’t feel pain, they don’t get injured or need weeks to recover from a trauma.
  • Its convenience – If you own a grappling dummy or a punching dummy, you can train anytime, anywhere. Dummies are easy to transport and move. Also, you will not have to match your training schedule with your partner.
  • Dummies never get tired – unlike humans, they never exhaust. A good old dummy will always be ready to start a training session with you and it will last for as long as you wish

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