9 Foods You Must Avoid while Trying to Lose Weight


Healthy dieting means choosing the best foods from vegetables, fruits, and meats which are grown and raised with nominal processing. Most of the times, they are found to be organic and hardly ever contain additives. Unfortunately, the current methods of processing are neither sustainable nor clean which is often resulted into quite damaging effects to the health as well as environment. Therefore, we decided to do some research on foods items which must not be consumed to avoid problems to your health and fitness. The findings are mentioned below.

1) Sugar & Sugary Edibles


If you ever run a contest on which is the worst carbohydrates, I guess Sugar will outright wins it. I wonder why it hasn’t got any “danger for health” warning yet. Due to quit heavy consumption of sugar in our daily diet, this thing has far more consequences than one can imagine. Not only it is responsible for your excess weight but also it plays a larger role in diabetes, fatigue, dental caries, heart disease, etc.

Today what we consume as sugar is Fructose. It is by far the most dangerous thing you eat on daily basis. Excessive sugar, which your normal daily intake is, accounted for 500 calories a day which results in one pound weight gain a week. But here is more, the excess fructose turned into liver fat which lead to chronic diseases including heart disease.

2) Ordinary Bread


Ordinary bread which is made of refined floor should be avoided at all cost. White flour basically contains only simple carbohydrates which break down into units of sugar almost immediately after consuming resulting in disturbance in blood sugar levels. This causes carvings as well as creates excess belly fat.

An interesting fact about bread is that it contains gliatin which actually acts like opium. It stimulates your appetite, creating instant hunger & carvings for more wheat products. Whole wheat bread is just less problematic than white bread. It also should not be consumed routinely. Besides white bread constitutes in damaged intestinal wall, blood sugar levels, bloating and tiredness which are enough reasons to quit it anyway.

3) High Caloric Potato


Now it breaks my heart to tell it to you but Potatoes are not what they seems to be. With all those chips & mash potatoes and what not, they are a starchy food which should be avoided If you are trying to lose weight. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine led by researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, implicate our beloved potatoes, in its all forms, a culprit for weight gain.

Researchers suggest avoiding using it regularly. A serving of French fries gives you about 500-600 calories. Now you don’t have to quit it altogether but instead you have to tone it down to as low as possible. For instance if you eat 1 bag of chips per day make it 1 bag of chips per 3 day. Always remember that excessive usage of anything is harmful.

4) Stick Margarine


Not all but most of the stick margarine brands are found to be containing lots of trans fat which is toxic and may cause lowering down level of good cholesterol and raising the level of bad cholesterol and this will also promote the clotting of blood and the harm to the blood vessels.

A tablespoon of margarine contains approximately 100 calories and off course this will not be good for keeping your waistline in control. If you really want to avoid the worst effect of stick margarine, you better replace it with a soft tub which is one of the trans-fat-free and reduced-calorie brands.

5) Hot Dogs


A regular hot dog contains lots of calories and more than 80% of which comes from fat and the worst part of it is that most part of the fat is actually saturated fat which is unhealthy and harmful for the health. Scientific research has shown that excessive consumption of processed meats including hot dogs can put you at greater risks of getting many health issues, heart related problems and even colon cancer.

Therefore, it is strongly advised by the fitness experts to exclude hot dogs from your diet menu and if you find it difficult, you can replace it with other lean meat such as turkey and chicken which will not just reduce the amount of saturated fat that you receive from hot dogs but also supply your body with high quality protein.

6) Deep-Dish Pizza


A deep dish pizza has something really delicious and that is its dense and thick crust which can no doubt compel anyone to eat it, however, the program is that the superfluous dough contains lots of calories and bring dramatic changes in your calories counter. Factor in calorific, cheese whole-milk and toppings of greasy meat such as sausage, bacon and pepperoni and a serving of 2-slice can bring an explosion to your entire body weight loss system by delivering more than 1,300 calories which will also get you twenty four or more grams of saturated artery-clogging fat.

This all is quite concerning and you must be wondering how to deal with this especially when you don’t want to quit eating your favorite pizza. Well, you don’t really have to deprive yourself of your favorite pizza completely but you can bring slight change in your order. When you ask for your pizza, order to bring pie with thinner crust so you can cut down the extra starch. If you are not served with meat toppers this time, this will be good for you and you can also skip veggies such as mushrooms,peppers, broccoli and onions. Instead of veggies, you can get nutrition blast.

7) Breakfast Toaster Pastries


Toaster pastries may be your favorite breakfast but believe me this is the worst breakfast choice you can ever make as breakfast is the starter of your day which must be healthy and full of energy not full of saturated fat. Toaster pastries are prepared with white flour and lots of sugar is added instead of adding real fruits flavors. If you don’t know about it, you might be surprised to know that a toaster pastries (two-pack) can blast your entire body system as it supply more or less 10 teaspoons sugar in your body.

Now you can understand how dangerous it can be in raising your blood sugar to the highest point along with energy crash right in the morning when you are just beginning your day. If you want to replace such unhealthy and harmful morning breakfast, you can have whole-wheat mini pita pocket feast with peanut butter thin layer. They are also stuffed with strawberries or sliced bananas.

8) Whole Milk


Whole milk is blamed to be containing lots of saturated fat which is a specific type of fat considered to be one of the major causes of increasing the level of bad cholesterol, making arteries clogged and promoting more inflammation. Therefore, you must try to avoid drinking whole milk and to avoid this you can move towards skim milk which does not contain fat or you can also consume soy milk which contains just 1% of fat but works really good for your health.

If you find it difficult to switch from whole milk to the skim milk just look at your health and fitness and then you will realize why it is not very difficult for you to bring changes in your wrong food choices. The consumption of low fat and skim milk will greatly help you minimize the amount of bad food stuff from your diet and you will be actually supplying your body with good amount of calcium, protein, potassium and vitamin D as well.

9) Soft Drinks


There are lots of reasons which will help you understand why you must avoid soft drinks. The first and the most important reason is that all soft drinks are fully loaded with lots of sugar which is surely one of the biggest cause of obesity, diabetes and many other health issues. Researches have also shown that sugar also weakens body’s immune system.

In fact, it is said that if you want to get osteoporosis in a can, go for soft drinks. Those drinks contain caffeine, sugar and phosphorous which all are considered to be major causes of calcium deficiency in the body. It is said that consuming sugar slowly decreases body’s natural ability to absorb calcium from foods which in the results increases excretion of not just calcium but also the other important factors of keeping your bones stronger.

Final Words

There may be a long list of unhealthy foods which must be avoided but those mentioned above are most commonly consumed on regular basis and therefore, they have been discussed in this article so the people can know how and how they should exclude them from their diet menu to live a healthier and happier life with less health and fitness issues. Also have a look on our list of foods that actually helps you lose weight which may comes handy when you start your dieting routine.

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