7 Ways to Naturally Tighten Skin after Weight Loss


Losing weight is a big achievement and it should not be undermined by aftereffects. Your body has stayed so much longer with excessive fats and carbs, therefore, it is inevitable that it will appear and feel differently. On one hand, you are grateful for losing weight for good but you also feel that your skin has changed a bit. You have not imagined that this was going to happen with you. This is totally normal especially when you suddenly lose sufficient pounds of carbs. There is no need to be freakish about it.

Instead of feeling like you have achieved in one area and lost a battle in the second area you must be proud of yourself. You have won the weight loss battle and you are going to make your skin perfect which has momentarily changed itself. The skin is the basic protective layer which your body has for resisting the environment. The most inner side of the skin is made up of elastin, collagen, and proteins. The main element responsible for firmness and strength is collagen. Elastin constitutes 80% of the skin. Whereas elastin is responsible for providing elasticity and it keeps the skin tight.

When you gain weight, your skin expands much to circumvent the growth tissues which result in tightening of the skin. Like women would have experienced it during pregnancy. Most of the people have gained excessive weight since childhood or adolescence. That’s why their skin becomes addicted to this situation. Moreover, elastin and collagen becomes weak and can’t retract the skin in the same way after losing weight. Surgeries are not the perfect solution for the loose skin as researchers have reported that there are fewer chances of gaining the stiff skin back like you had in your youth days. There are 7 ways to tighten your skin after weight loss.

  1. Participate in strength training

According to a research “strength training is pertinent for the tight skin as this training creates a layer of tissues underneath the skin”. It is suggested that you must participate in this strength training. There will be 3 sessions of strength training in a week. Each session will add strength to your skin. There is also a weight training which is necessary if you have lost sufficient calories intake. It is understood that during weight loss you would have lost enough muscles as well. For lost muscles, you need to gain muscles back but these muscles will have much more strength.

  1. Use moisturizers

Moisturizers which have Vitamin E as an ingredient will help your skin cells to reproduce quickly. This act is also effective for wrinkles. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer. Coconut contains antibacterial elements which are essential to soothe the skin. Most of the market available moisturizers use coconut oil but you can use it on its own. Coconut oil benefits for skin are not only limited to its ability to moisturize but it has many other skincare benefits as well.

Tighten Skin after Weight Loss

  1. Massages

Everybody loves having a massage because of its stress relieving and mind relaxing benefits. Massages can be equally advantageous for skin tightening goals as well. After a weight loss you blood circulation should be high to stimulate the working of skin constituents. Visit your favorite masseuse for a weekly massage. Massage will help your blood to circulate at a higher speed which is highly beneficial for your skin. You should add coconut oil to your massage treatment as it will moisturize your skin as well. Massages are also good for muscle strength and skin tightening. There are special massage therapies as well for this purpose.

  1. Belly exercises

There are chances that during weight loss, you would have weakened your skin constituents. For tight belly area, it becomes essential to exercise focusing this area. Exercises like pelvic thrusts, sit-ups, crunches, air bikes, side bridges and leg raises are extremely beneficial for toning belly area. Such exercises will also increase the muscle strength and endurance of the overall body. There is no need to exercise much as well. Three sessions of 20 minute each are enough for belly toning. These exercises will help the tummy area to stiff up a bit and it will help the skin tissues to regain its strength.

Tighten Skin after Weight Loss

  1. Sun exposure

Sunbathing is considered important for overall health. But too much staying in the sun will leave negative impacts on your skin health. It will affect the elastin to limit the elasticity of the skin. The main reason behind this phenomenon is that too much sun rays will dry up your skin. Dry skin will have much less elasticity. It will be also wise to bath in chlorinated water as it also plays role in drying the skin. Only right amount of spending in the sun and chlorinated water is not bad for health.

  1. Envision tight skin

Visualizing is such a strong imagination led tool for having an optimistic mind about a special goal. There is no magic in it but it creates the confidence that you can do it. Envisioning a tight skin will make your life easy as it will not blur your thoughts about it. Sometimes, people around us pass a negative comment which undermines our capability to cope with the real issue. When you imagine that you are gaining a tight skin then you will be more focused towards achieving it even more vigorously.

  1. Patience is the key

Just like you kept patience in dropping your weight, the same level of patience is required to complement your weight loss with tight skin. You should be focusing on exercise, strength training, and other solutions. Skin recovery is very much related to age. After 50 or 60, it becomes very difficult to regain the skin condition which you had during your youth days. Accepting this will strengthen you to assess overall situation. You will be ready to gain as much fitness as you could. Although, above mentioned tips have helped many people in their goal of getting tight skin after weight loss.

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