7 Sneaky Ways to Eat More Greens Every Day


It is common knowledge that most of us hate to eat vegetables and this habit usually develops from an early age. It is quite a challenge to eat the veggies on our plate because the whole world wants to eat convenience foods which are cheap and easily available but not very healthy. However since most of us want to lose weight and get into shape, eating our greens is one easy way to do this. Here are 7 good strategies you can use to trick yourself into eating more greens every day.

1 – Make a Veggie Omelet

Once of the easiest ways to get started on the green path is to eat a vegetable omelet every other day. Due to the many green vegetables available, there are many diverse choices and you can pick the ingredients you want to mix into your omelet till you hit the perfect combination. Red peppers, tomatoes, kale and spinach are good for starters.

2 – Make a Green Smoothie

If you are in for a perfectly hectic day at the office, do yourself a favor by making a green smoothie for breakfast. Not only will it keep you cool and level headed, it will also help you handle the stress better. A combination of spinach, dandelion and kale make the base for a good smoothie.

3 – Make a Veggie Salad

If you are one of those people that habitually consume a pizza or burger for lunch with fries added, you definitely need to break this habit. Lettuce combined with carrots, tomatoes and cucumber on the one side and tuna or chicken on the other make for a winning and palatable combination.

4 – Adding Greens to Wraps & Sandwiches

If you are one of those professionals who are constantly busy at work and don’t have a moment to spare, I recommend that you carry lunch from home and add greens to these sandwiches and wraps. Suggestions include romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and kale. You can combine these with chicken, tuna or pork to make them refreshing and tasty.

5 – Eat Vegetables Raw

Of course, all vegetables do not come under this category. However, I definitely suggest that you try carrots, cucumber and celery. They are the equivalent of crackers, chips and chocolates that were your mainstay in days of yore. Putting them in a healthy and tasty dip like hummus will help too.

6 – Adding Greens to Casseroles & Pasta

This is another sneaky but productive way to add greens to your diet without screaming for help. Broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and squashes are the essential choices but you can improvise and put some of your own too. Just make sure they are baked well.

7 – Adding Greens to Sauces

One final way I like to add vegetables to the daily diet is to incorporate them in sauces like tomato sauce and chili-garlic sauce. This not only makes for a tasty and colorful combination but it helps to get veggies down kids’ throats which can be a great challenge for any mother.

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