7 Reasons to Walk outside Every Day


Life is generally so busy nowadays that we never really stop to admire the beauty of nature. The best things in life are free but here we are wasting our lives in the pursuit of money, health or other ideals and in the process, we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Going for a jog early in the morning is not the equivalent of spending an hour in the sun walking. Here are 7 reasons that I never miss my walk every day.

1 – It reduces stress.

Ever felt the joy of stepping out into the open and leaving all your problems back at home or at the office. Life often overwhelms us with its intensity. Yet there is hardly a problem that is so urgent that our lives or futures depend on it. Switch your phone off for a while and just take in the sights and sounds of nature.

2 – It gives you fresh air.

Even if you are stuck in the coolness of the office and it is hot outside, you will at times be thankful of a release from the inner confines of your cubicle or workspace. Taking in fresh air created from nature is a stark difference from taking in the oxygenated air of modern workspace. This is toxin free and really lets you breathe.

3 – It gives you vitamin D.

Getting your daily dose of Vitamin D is extremely important as anyone will tell you, as its wards off disease, depression and ill health. In fact studies have shown that a depletion of Vitamin D in our bodies can reduce our immunity levels and make us susceptible to diseases, including SAD or seasonal affective disorder. A walk in the sun for 15 minutes can cure all these ills.

4 – Enjoy the four seasons.

A daily walk, if you can manage it and the weather permits, can be your cue for enjoying the beauty of nature all around you. Spring, summer, fall or winter- all of them have their own beauty and splendor and man cannot help being awed by each of them. No two days are ever the same and for this reason, your walk should also never be forgone. Taking a new path that is not too digressive will pay dividends as it gives you new sights and sounds adding to your experience.

5 – Strengthen your calves and hamstrings.

It is a conveniently overlooked fact that walking outdoors can be beneficial in that it strengthens our calves and hamstring muscles. This is a natural consequence of trudging along any route. Young or old, it is one of the preferred ways to get exercise especially on wintry days.

6 – Be at peace with your body.

Walking with nature is one of the best ways of being at peace with yourself as there are no other disturbances. It is truly a time when you can relax and unwind in the quietness of nature. It de-stresses you and fills you with energy and strength to face the day ahead.

7 – Discover new routes.

One of the added benefits I get from walking out in the morning is that I can aim to visit new places that I have heard of but not seen. This is possible only if not too far away and time permits. Visiting the local grocery store or marketplace in the early morning can make for some exciting experiences.

About Author

Gerald Avery is a fitness author at FatLossPot. He contributes on many Fitness magazines and blogs. His area of expertise is weight loss, fitness & healthy eating. He lives in California & enjoys hiking.