7 Crucial Reasons to Give Up Sugar


We may not realize it but sugar is one of the most addictive substances in the universe. It is hard to believe, but just over a hundred years ago, sugar was available only through natural sources like extractions from beet, sugarcane and the like. However with the creation of synthetic sugar, its production all over the world has skyrocketed. Sugar is one the main reasons we put on weight and then can’t get it off.

Sugar forms the base of most soft drinks, chocolates and sweets, that are consumed in millions on a daily basis. No wonder we develop addictions to sweets and chocolates that are difficult to control. Here are 7 good reasons to give up sugar as soon as possible.

1) Sugar is Highly Addictive.

It would shock you to know that sugar is about 8 times more addictive than cocaine. While drugs like cocaine and ecstasy get all the media attention, the culprit on the kitchen shelf conveniently escapes the doctor’s glance. We all need to recognize the ill effects of sugar like diabetes and heart disease before they kill us.

2) Sugar Makes Your Skin Look Older.

Sugar addiction is a disease of the 20th century. Sugar has been known to create a false spike of energy, causing temporary satisfaction but it depletes the body in the long run. Aging, illness and disruption of hormones and DNA can cause your skin to age faster.

3) Sugar Causes Weight Gain.

Sugar is loaded with empty calories whose effect simply vanishes soon after it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Sugar can stop the digestive processes and increases fat absorption as well. Numerous studies have proved that sugar causes weight gain and obesity.

4) Sugar Causes Mood Swings.

With the empty calories causing everything from tooth decay to diabetes, sugar’s additive quality means that like coffee and tea, it acts like a drug for the human body. That is why sugar cravings develop.

5) Sugar Makes You Hungrier.

One of the saddest things about an addiction is that you need repeated doses just to make it through the day. With bakeries and kitchens yielding many sugary goodies that are moreover cheap, it is not surprising that such goodies make you feel even hungrier after eating them.

6) Sugar Suppresses Your Immune System.

Another negative effect of sugar consumption is that it tends to suppress your immune system. Insulin resistance is developed, leading to diabetes and worse. It can cause pH levels to drop, inviting the causes of many diseases like colds and flu, even cancer.

7) Sugar Makes You Feel Foggy.

It is not rocket science to conclude that an addictive substance like sugar can often leave you feeling bad and empty of energy. Most of us consume coffee, tea and items with sugar on the breakfast table and by 10 am are hit with an energy deficit, requiring a snack. This proves the unhealthy and disruptive effect that sugar has on our digestive and immune systems.

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