5 Weight Loss & Dieting Traps That You Must Avoid


Weight loss and dieting are very harmful for your efforts that you make to lose weight or get healthy and fit body. If you don’t want to be trapped by them, the first thing that you have to do is to know what they actually are and how you can avoid them.

Trap 1 – Following Unclear Goals isn’t Wrong

The first and most important trap is to follow an unclear goal which means if you don’t have clear goals, you are simply wasting your time without gaining any results. If you want to lose weight, it is an ambiguous goal as you have not decided how many pounds you want to lose and what deadline you have set for achieving your target. You have to be realistic and positive towards making a clear and achievable goal.

Trap 2 – It is Fine to Skip Your Workout Sometimes

If you have to wake up early in the morning every day for your workouts, sometimes, you might think that it is fine to skip if you are not feeling well today or it you are feeling lazy. In fact, it really makes a great difference and you must never skip your workouts, no matter how bad you are feeling. When you get up, go to gym or outside for doing your workouts, you will start feeling great.

Trap 3 – It is Better to Skip Meal while You’re on a Diet

When you are following a proper dieting plan, you might sometimes think if you skip your lunch or dinner, this will help you cut off excessive calories which will be resulted into more weight loss. You should remember that skipping meal never helps in dieting and when you have a dieting plan, you must go according to it. Skipping actually make you feel hungrier and the next time you eat even more than the suggested amount. If you want to cut off calories, cut them from junk and processed foods.

Trap 4 – Know Your Progress by Stepping on the Scale

Sometimes, you will be trapped by your desire to know how much you have progressed during your weight loss mission and for this purpose, you might prefer to step on the scale. If you are ever tempted to do this, you must not. When you train to improve your overall body, it loses fat and gain lean muscles and when you step on scale, it shows current weight but it does not show the weight of muscles and fat separately and this understanding makes you disappointed that you have not progressed much. Therefore, the best way to check how much fat you have lost is to wearing fitting clothing rather than scaling.

Trap 5 – I Can Do It Alone; I Don’t Need Anyone.

Many people prefer to do their workouts and dieting alone and they think, they can do it better if they are alone. This is fine as far as you are progressing but when you begin losing motivation, you really need someone else to support you. Working with others make you feel more responsible for everything you are doing. If you join your colleague, coworker, roommate, friends or anyone else, both of you can be a source of motivation for each other.

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