5 Tips to Reduce Excessive Salt Consumption


A report which was presented during a scientific session held by American Heart Association in 2013 shows that the consumption of salt has become a real problem for the entire population of the world. The report shows that more than seventy five percent of the people living in different continents of the world have been habitual of consuming almost the double amount of salt recommended for each person on everyday basis. The figures are quite concerning and everyone should keep the salt intake within the recommended limit. Here are some very effective tips which can help you keep your intake within the limits.

1) Revising Your Diet Menu

The first thing that you should do is to exclude all such foods from your diet menu that contain higher level of sodium or at least you should try to minimize their consumption as much as possible. Here are some foods which contain excessive amount of salt such as bouillon cubes, processed meats, anchovies, canned foods, croutons, cheeses, ketchup, olives, mustard, soy sauce and pickles.

2) Cooking in Your Kitchen

Secondly, you can cook your food in your own kitchen. This will help you get rid of the prepackaged meals which are usually delicious but bring a number of health issues for you because of being laced with sodium that is used to make them more flavorful as during the processing, natural flavors and nutrients of the foods are almost lost. Preparing meals at home can help you control salt consumption and you can also enjoy natural flavor and nutrients.

3) Using Herbs & Spices

You should also use herbs and species instead of using salt. If you do this, this will allow you to reduce the consumption of salt that you are often compelled to do for bringing flavors in your foods. You can sue from some of the salt free spices and dried herbs such as basil, oregano, garlic, pepper, thyme etc.

4) Cutting Down Salt in Recipes

When you are reading the instruction from a recipe to cook your meal, it is better for you to cut down the recommended amount of salt or make it at least half. When your meal is cooked and ready, taste it and if it tastes good, there should be no more needs to pour extra quantify of salt. Even it taste like you have forgotten to include salt in the recipe, choose herbs or spices instead of salt.

5) Rinsing off Canned Vegetables

There is another very simple tip to reduce the excessive amount of salt found in canned vegetables as well as tune and that is rinsing them off before cooked to remove excessive salt. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly and then use them for cooking.

Final Words

The above mentioned 5 tips can be really helpful for you to get rid of excessive consumption of slat. Though, in the beginning, it might be really difficult for you and you might not like the taste but after some days, you tongue will be habitual of little salt with almost the same excessive salt taste.

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