5 Most Effective Ways to Increase Your Healthy Caloric Intake


If you have been trying to put on more weight that you might have lost due to some kind of illnesses you had in the past or when you tried to lose extra body weight and lost even essential body weight, you really need to increase the amount of calories you take on regular basis. This might not be easy for you especially when you don’t like to eat much. Here you will read some tips which will be really helpful for you to increase your regular calories intake so you can put on desired body weight as soon as possible.

Healthy Way # 1: Make Smaller Changes in Your Dieting Habits

Some people think that losing weight is difficult and gaining weight is quite easy but this is not right. When you try to lose weight, you realize that this is a real challenge and you find it really difficult. Well, you don’t have to bring sudden changes for getting healthy calories, instead you can take little changes in your dieting habits and foods you eat every day. For example, you don’t need to use lots of oils but you can just apply some olive oil on the salads which will not just better up the taste but also increase calories. If you don’t like to eat fruits, don’t force yourself instead, use them in smoothies.

Healthy Way # 2: Use the Correct Way to Increase Calories

If you are under the impression that the secret of gaining weight is just to eat more and more amount of calories, you are again wrong as you must use the right way to increase caloric intake. If you start eating hamburgers or drink alcohol, this is not the right way to eat well but you are actually killing yourself as such unhealthy foods will make your stomach ill and weak and you won’t be able to digest foods properly.

Healthy Way # 3: Add Some Amount of Healthy Fat with Each Meal

Also include healthy fats in your diet to increase the amount of calories. The experts suggest that at least two tablespoon of healthy fats with each meal would be a great idea to put on weight. There are some great sources of getting healthy foods such as flax oils, coconut oils, hemp oils, seeds, nuts, olive oil and avocados.

Healthy Way # 4: Also Eat Raw Nuts& Dark Chocolate

A great choice for increasing calories is the consumption of raw nuts. You can replace them with raw veggies or fruits. However, you must keep in mind that you should always have veggies and fruits in your regular meal and raw nuts should be kept as snack. If you have some dark chocolate, it will also be great choice.

Healthy Way # 5: Add More Amount Protein

Protein is another great source for increasing your body weight and you must make it part of your regular diet. You can also consume vegan protein powder in smoothies or oatmeal and for the dinner you can have salmon or other similar fishes. Protein are awesome in building lean body muscles and they also enhance body energy level to the top.

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