5 Major Reasons to Convince You to Give Up Sugar


Majority of the people including men, women, children, young and old all love eating sugar and the fact is that we all have grown up eating sugar every day. No matter if you love sugary things but you must know that there are lots of reasons which compel you to give up this habit or you will have to see its consequences in future if not now.

Sugar is addictive thing and you can’t get rid of it easily if you have been eating lots of sugar. When we say addiction, there are various other things and habits in our lives which are extremely addicting and you can’t get rid of them easily but for your life you must leave them. There are few reasons which might convince you to quit sugar as soon as possible.

I – Sugar is Highly Addictive & There is No Controversy

Do you know that sugar has been proven to be eight time more addictive than drugs like cocaine? Do you know what does it mean? It means, if you have got addictive, it will become extremely difficult for you to get rid of it and therefore, if you have not got too much addictive of it, you must quit it right now before it becomes impossible for you to change your habit.

II – Sugar Will Make You Look Older Than Your Actual Age

This is especially for ladies as they are more conscious about their age than men. The researches have shown that the excessive use of sugar can make you get older faster than the usual which very badly affects your skin. It was further revealed in studies that sugar damages human growth hormones and pave the way for free radicals to infiltrate skin which causes and even destroy human DNA.

III – Sugar Can Change Your Mood Swings

Another major reason for giving up sugar consumption is that it also causes to change your mood as sugar consumption spikes blood sugar very quickly but then it suddenly drops down. This sudden change greatly affects metabolism, mood swings and overall body heath. Those, who have to go through various sessions of mood swings every day, must try to reduce sugar intake in their diet.

IV – Sugar Can Cause Weight Gain

Sugar consumption is nothing but a way to increase problems in your life and if you can’t resist eating it, you should also try to find the others reasons to quit this habit such as tooth decay. Moreover, sugar provides your body with lots of empty calories and off course that is what increases your weight

V – Sugar Affects Immune System

Another major reason is that it also affects human immune system and a weak immune system means to put your body to more prone to get a number of health diseases and conditions. It simply means to send you towards death because you can’t find the way to get rid of all the disease once your immune system deceives you and turn against you. This reason should be good enough to convince you give up eating sugar.

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