5 Green Tea Weight Loss Supplements


Getting rid of excessive body weight is really a big problem. It is not just frustrating but also requires lots of patience to see the results and that is why most of the people get disappointed before achieving desired body shape. You might have seen people who work harder and use anything believed to be effectively in just losing one inch.

Different Ways to Lose Weight

In fact, it is too easier to gain weight but really too difficult to lose weight. Therefore, a number of ways have been invented to get rid of this problem including the diet supplements which are now easily available in local markets and these type of supplements are said to be helpful in reducing excessive body weight. Some people also use Chinese tea, lemon grass, pink tea and green tea for reducing weight.

Among all of such methods, the green tea has its own name because of producing amazing results. Green tea and weight loss is a hot topic these days but if you don’t like to take tea in general, you can use its extracts.

Weight Loss Supplements

You can find various supplements available at the local drugstores. Some of them are mentioned below;

1) Walgreens Green Tea Supplement

The Walgreens green tea supplement is easily available in markets and considered to be among the reputed supplement. It contain sufficient amount of calcium necessary to live a healthy life. If you take this supplement regularly with proper meal, it will give you awesome results. Take 2 tabs daily for better results.

2) Skenderizer Blends

This is another green tea extract weight loss supplement which is ready to be used as your remedy. It contains Polyphenol Catechins, and fiber and all of these factors will boost the burning process.

3) Natrol Green Tea

Natrol green tea is a fat loss supplement for 500mg lbs reduction. The one bottle of this supplement will give you 60 tablets. Each tab contains caffeine of 35 mg which is almost equal of drinking a coffee cup.

4) Spring Walley Capsules

It is said to be a perfect antioxidant which contain the equal amount of green tea extract, you need to lose weight. Its use is simple and you will just make it part of your diet for ninety days to get your body into perfect body shape.

5) Applied Nutrition Fat Burner

The applied nutrition fat burner contains about 90 tablets. Use this supplement for about 40 days, then see the results yourself. It is believed that the use of this supplement can transform your body into the shape you want.


Whatever you are doing to lose weight will not be beneficial unless you are not optimist about it and you must be ready to work harder to achieve your target. Green tea for weight loss is something you can use without the fear of failure. However, when you are buying such supplements, you must be careful as many of them can contains harmful ingredients which may not be suitable for you. Hopefully, you have understood how to lose weight with green tea.

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