5 Easy Ways To Get More Exercise Each Day


Fitness is vital for an overall healthy lifestyle, yet most people are not getting enough each day. You don’t have to slog it out at the gym to reap the benefits of moving more, but it is often finding the motivation to get out and about to work off those extra pounds. There are tons of ways to either shift excess weight or maintain and healthy outlook, but putting in the effort is one of the top aspects of gaining results. It can be difficult in busy schedules to make time for some exercise, but even if you take half an hour a day, this is all it takes to start the process of gaining a healthier mindset.

If you’re looking to quit the excuses and enjoy the benefits of feeling great, take a look at these simple ways to get exercise into your day.

Walk the dog

Many families have dogs, and this is the perfect excuse to get out and about for a nice walk around your local area. This time is also ideal for having some time to think and plan for the day ahead. Much like humans, dogs need regular exercise and a good diet to help keep them healthy. By considering organic pet food and teaming this with annual vet checks and scheduled walks, you will not only keep yourself in top condition but your pet too.

Leave the car at home

Even though many people live close to work, most people will still battle the traffic to get to work. By leaving the car at home and considering a walk or cycle to work, you will alleviate the stress and tension of sitting in traffic, and it will help to get you in a better mood to start the day. The beauty of this too is that you will have fulfilled your exercise quota without having to plan extra fitness time into your day.

Workout at home

The web is awash with exercise videos and resources for living healthier, so it’s easy to make small yet significant changes. You’ll find every type of exercise including HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Yoga, Pilates, and dance style routines to name a few. These HIIT workouts can also comfortably fit around commitments and some only last 10-20 minutes, so there’s no excuse not to give them a go.

Use music

The gym can be boring, but if you have some upbeat music to workout to, it can help motivate you and help you achieve better results. Running is always a good example, as music can help get you into a breathing rhythm and assists in keeping your pace steady. It is especially handy if you’re running long distances too, as this helps to keep you going.

Move more at work

It can be easy to get glued to your desk but moving more in this environment, not only helps to keep fitness levels up but it also keeps you feeling fresh and alert throughout the day, which is excellent for productivity.

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