4 tips for making running fun


How many people really enjoy running? Ask those who run regularly and you’ll probably discover that for most of the time they are out there pounding the streets, they are not enjoying it at all.

If seasoned runners don’t enjoy it, then how exactly can those struggling to get into it find it fun? The lack of enjoyment that many people experience through an exercise in general – but in particular running – is what stops a lot of people out there taking up the pastime.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you want to enjoy running, then we’ve put together these four tips that can help make running fun for beginners.

Walk before you can run

Many people don’t find running enjoying because they aren’t good at it at first. That is understandable – if you feel like you are failing at something, you aren’t going to consider it fun. Most beginners can’t run for more than a few minutes at the start without stopping, which they then consider being a failure. This isn’t a failure at all. The best way to build up your ability to run is by incorporating walks into your run. Programs such as Couch to 5k advise just one minute of running followed by a longer period of walking until eventually, the number of walking decreases as the number of running increases and you are jogging for 30 minutes non-stop.

Run slower than you think you need to

The point of running isn’t to go fast – it’s to run in a way that feels good to you and can help you Recover Your Health Today. So slow down, way down. Find the pace that you’d normally consider running at in order to make it a tough work out, and then slow it down by a minute and a half. By going slowly, you’ll be able to cover more distance and if you are covering more distance, suddenly it’ll feel like you are really achieving something which will make it both enjoyable and give you a sense of pride.

Work out what you like while running and stick to itmaking running fun

Sure, you don’t see marathon world record holder Dennis Kimetto running along with headphones on listening to Katy Perry, but if having music or an audiobook to accompany on your run makes it more enjoyable, then go for it. The same is true of routes – if you leave near a beach or fancy the scenery that comes with running through a forest, then abandon the road and run wherever you get the most enjoyment. Everybody will have different preferences and it’s just about finding what works best for you – that’s all that matters at the end of the day. And also you can use 35 below socks while running.

Let others see and share in your progress

The running community is a supportive one and they’ll all be proud of you for getting off the couch and taking up the sport. Share your runs on social media sites such as Facebook or sign up for a service suchasStrava which is social media based on running. When your friends are giving you “kudos” for completing a run, it’ll make you feel good and encourage you to continue with it.

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