4 Tips for a Healthy Holiday


It is very surprising but nevertheless true that the majority of us tend to put on excess weight during the Christmas and Easter holiday season. There can be many reasons for this. The holidays are considered a chance to relax and unwind and let go of the home and office pressures that have been dogging you throughout the year. So what do you do; you promptly throw all caution to the winds and eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow. At the back of your mind is the euphoric feeling that you can defeat the bulge and get back into shape by January 31st. It’s all part of your New Year Resolutions. But as most of us know, this hardly ever works out according to plan. So here are 4 tips that I hope will help you keep on track during the festive season. You have to make them work though- it doesn’t happen automatically.

1) Be Conscious of What You’re Eating

The first step in not going overboard is to try to keep a track of what you are eating, how much and how often. Common sense will tell you to avoid that second helping of dessert or that piece of cake when you feel you’ve had enough for the day. Learn the art of polite refusals and remaining firm in your resolve. If nothing else works, the best strategy is to feign illness and take a nap.

2) Use Scale to Monitor Your Weight

Health conscious people are never without mini-scales packed into their luggage to help them maintain and regulate their weight. They may not use this every day but standing on them at opportune moments like just before going to bed will give you something to think about the next morning.

3) Keep Your Energy Levels Up

Just because it’s the holiday season, you don’t have to put your fitness program off or on hold till the New Year has passed. You are eating, drinking, making merry and doing a hundred other different things that will most likely add on the pounds after the parties. So making definite efforts to exercise during a set part of the day, say first thing in the morning is a good activity to indulge in. You are sure to be proclaimed the best looking lad or lass after the holidays are over and its back to work. There are exercises you can do without weights such as stretching, yoga, Pilates, tai-chi and some others.

4) Keep Stress at Bay

While no one will tell you this outright, it is a well-known and understood fact that stress at the workplace can contribute to weight gain and sloppiness. When we admit defeat and let it all hang out, that’s the time when others can help us deal with the situation. A sports and fitness or psychological coach can make all the difference in our motivation and perseverance levels during this and other phases of our life.

About Author

Alex Adkins is a certified personal trainer from American Council on Exercise. He is a regular contributor on FatLossPot, MensFitness, Fitness Magazine & many other weight loss & fitness blogs. He has over 15 years experience of Gym & exercises. He lives in New York & is a great enthusiast of sports, food and lean muscles.