4 Benefits of Incline Walking


Incline walking gives you a number of benefits which are as follows;

1) Calories Burning

If you add an incline to your treadmill walking, you can even double the amount of calories burned walking incline. For instance, if your weigh is 160 lbs and you are walking without incline at 4 mph, you will be able to burn more or less 150 calories in a session of half an hour. On contrary if you add an incline of 5% grade, you will be able to double the calories burning amount in the same time. Incline walking for weight loss prepares your body to lose more weight than faster running. It is also noticeable that incline walking at 3.0 mph can help in losing 70# extra fat than running without incline. It is also believed that running fast on flat surface forces your body to use carbs stored in your body as energy source rather than using the fatty acids.

2) Improved Heart Rate

Walking on an incline can also improve the heart rate and if you have good health and fitness, you will improve even better heart rate. Most of the people find it easier to use incline treadmill walking to increase heart rate which usually requires speed and intensity. However, some people might find it difficult if they have some kind of health problems or injuries such as joint tissues problem. Walking on treadmill with incline can automatically bring enhancement in workload, which in the result raises heart rate without putting you at the risk of injuries that you often get especially when you are running.

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3) Muscle Building

Does walking on an incline build muscle? Yes, in most of the cases, walking on incline helps in activating major leg muscle groups such as hamstrings and calves.

4) Slimming Thighs

Most of the people find it too difficult to slim their thighs, especially the women. Incline walking to slim thighs gives awesome results as it works with lower body areas and considered a great toning exercise which is effective for the whole trouble area. If you are working to target a certain body area such as your thighs, you must know that it is not easy to gain targeted weight loss unless you work to reduce the fat from overall body area. People are usually hesitated to believe that walking can actually help them lose weight and tone thighs muscles.


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