3 Side Effects of Green Tea Diet Plan


Nowadays, green tea diet is used as an active plan to cure many ailments and health related problems and conditions such as weight loss. It is quite surprising for many people how a cheap drink has become so popular in almost all parts of the world including USA and UK where people have included green tea in the list of their regular drinks.


Its advantages are enormous. It is believed that it has higher amount of poly phenols which is believed to be a type of medicine to maintain the higher level of blood pressure in the body. Secondly, it is said to have anti-oxidants which will enable your body to prepare and protect itself from the free radicals. This is not the end and the list is too long. If you begin counting them you will find it uncountable. Google the advantages and you will see hundred if not thousands benefits.

You can also buy green tea diet pills which are now available at local drugstore. These pills are manufactured with a simple aim to target excessive body weight. If you have tried many weight loss programs in the past but could not get the satisfactorily results, you must try these green tea pills at least once. If you follow a proper green tea diet plan, this will enable your body lose weight as fast as possible.

Side Effects

As mentioned above that the green tea has hundreds of benefits but when you try to find the side effects or other disadvantages, it will be a difficult task for you as no one talks about them. However, for your convenience, I have included 3 major side effects of this natural drink.

  • The side effects are normally caused by improper brewing of the leaves. If you are not sure how to prepare green tea, you better learn how to do this to avoid side effects. Some people boil the water to extremely hot point which might cause acidic in the cup and this will leads to some acidic disease such as acid reflux or heartburn. The best boiling point for green tea water should be between 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you use larger and mature leaves for brewing, this will lead you to have various serious health conditions. It is believed that the mature leaves contain high amount of fluoride. Therefore, you should never pick up the mature leaves to avoid side effects.
  • One more side effects is that it contains caffeine. It is scientifically proven that high amount of caffeine consumption can cause major side effects which will result into restlessness, headaches, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems and irregular heartbeat.

Therefore, the fitness experts and doctors suggest that the regular consumption of green tea on daily basis should not exceeded 500mg. The side effects of green tea are associated with improper brewing and if you have proper knowledge of it you will have no fear of side effects. It is also a proven fact that green tea diet plan lose weight fast.

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