12 Things I’ve Realized About Fitness During COVID-19


The arrival of COVID-19, the pandemic, and the ensuing lockdown caught us all of guard. Gyms were shut down, we weren’t able to meet with our personal trainers, and we had to rethink our complete routine.

At first, I felt helpless and hopeless, unable to continue with my regular fitness routine and what I had grown accustomed to. But eventually, I slowly started to adapt to what I had available to me.

Now, I look back and realize how much I’ve learned from this entire experience and how it benefited me. Below, I’ve outlined some of the things I’ve come to realize through this entire lockdown. I hope it can be helpful to you and maybe even change how you’ve approached this entire situation:

(1) I Don’t Need a Gym or Fitness Centre.

The biggest – and most groundbreaking – thing I’ve realized is that I don’t need a gym or fitness center to work out. I can workout on the street, in my backyard, in my garage, in my basement, and beyond. All I really need is myself and the motivation to make a difference within my own life.

You don’t need a gym or fitness center either, even if you think you do. Get creative, open your mind, and make it work.

(2) I Love the Rowing Machine.

How is the rowing machine not the biggest piece of fitness equipment in the world? It’s fun, easy to use, impactful for the entire body, and can make a big difference even if you only use it for a few minutes.

I’ve seen a huge improvement in my fitness levels since I started using the rowing machine more often. This machine is the best and I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

(3) Working Out With Someone Is Good.

I usually work out by myself, but I’ve recently started experimenting with a friend of mine. We get together, try different things as we run through a unique workout, and discuss what we liked (and didn’t like).

It’s a great way to keep me motivated, allow me to try new things, and adds a socializing aspect to the entire routine. It’s added a new perspective to working out for me.

(4) There’s Nothing Wrong With Taking a Day Off.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You can take a day off when you aren’t into it without feeling guilty.

These have been challenging times for us as individuals, and it’s taken its toll on our mental health. Take a day for you if you need to. It’s no big deal!

(5) There’s Nothing Wrong With Enjoying A Snack (or 2).

There’s also nothing wrong with enjoying an unhealthy snack every now and then. Life is about enjoying the little things and a little treat in the evening is great!

Don’t beat yourself up and don’t be too hard on yourself.

(6) Self-Care Practices Provide A Ton of Benefits.

It’s not all about lifting weights and completing your cardio routine. Self-care practices continue to grow in popularity and fitness experts are seeing the benefits they provide for the body.

Try things like yoga, tai-chi, meditation, and more. They will make you feel even better about yourself and where your fitness levels are.

(7) You Can Get A Good Workout, Even If You Have No Equipment.

You don’t need the fanciest equipment to get a good workout in. You can do pushups, situps, squats with heavy items in your garage, and more. In a way, these types of workouts without any equipment can be even more effective for the body because of how raw they are.

Use your imagination and remember: Simpler is sometimes better.

(8) Exercising Outdoors is Great!

This one is real simple: the great outdoors is good.

(9) Ditch the Treadmill, Jump on the Elliptical.

The treadmill is now outdated and boring. The elliptical machine is the new replacement that you will love and can completely change your cardio routine. This machine is low impact and really has a way of pushing your muscles to the next level.

If you are still using a treadmill, then you should consider trying the elliptical machine.

(10) You Should Switch Up Your Routine Regularly.

I was guilty of sticking to the same routine for an extended period of time, even if I didn’t absolutely love it. I honestly never even considered switching it up and trying to find something that was even more effective.

Now, a number of months later, I look back and wish I changed my routine more regularly. If you’ve been using the same routine for a while now, you should also consider switching it up.

(11) Your Diet Is Just as Important As Your Workout.

You are what you eat is as true as it is lame. It’s not all about the workout you do each day; it’s also about your diet.

These days there’s a ton of different diets floating around today and they can really help you enhance your lifestyle so you live the absolute best life possible. Try looking into diets like keto, paleo, vegan, and more.

(12) Everybody Struggles With Staying Motivated.

We all struggle to stay motivated on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes we just want to stay in bed rather than go to the gym or skip our workout and just go home.

We’ve all been there. You’re not alone.

There’s nothing wrong with struggling to stay motivated and it’s okay to slip every now and then. Don’t be discouraged and keep your eyes on the prize. The power of positivity is strong when it comes to workout out!

Bottom Line: The pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone!

We’ve all been struggling during this pandemic and it’s fine if your fitness regime slipped off the tracks. You can easily jump back on, learn from what happened, and completely turn things around.

I bet you’ve learned a lot about yourself through all of this as well – now put it to good use and grow from this experience.

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