5 Tips to Avoid Being an Exercise Dropout


Let’s face it. Although all of us definitely know that sticking to a diet and exercise program are two proven ways of losing weight and getting into shape, the majority of new starters fail to continue beyond the first two weeks. There are even some people out there who have started and stopped at least a dozen times if not more. What does this say about us? Either that we are extremely lazy and weak willed or that the diet and exercise program recommended was too harsh and difficult for us to carry on with. Here are ten tips that will definitely help you stay on for the long term.

1 – Create a team-like atmosphere

We are all social animals and experience proves that some of us work better when goaded and encouraged by a team. Get a couple of people in your neighborhood or workplace who have the same fitness goals like you and promise each other that you will work to encourage the team and lift up their spirits till you all meet your goals. Make it a collective effort and your chances of failure are reduced.

2 – Set Realistic Goals

As they say, the best plans are made on the drawing board, not in the field. You have to think with both your heart and your head. Start by considering how much weight you want to lose and by what deadline, how you plan to do this, what are the diet and exercise plans that you enjoy or can stick to for the long term and it is quite likely that you will stick to these plans and be in a positive frame of mind during this phase.

3 – Record Your Progress

One of the things you should train yourself to do is to create an exercise and diet journal and record everything you are doing on a daily basis to achieve your fitness goals. This not only gives you a sense of success but it creates a new perspective that you are doing something to change your life for the better. It can be a motivator for your workout goals.

4 – Take Care of Small Details

Remember I told you that everything great starts in the mind and that it is the commitment and desire to reduce weight and get into shape once and for all that will carry you through to success. We have to lay out the plans in advance and this involves getting all the required ingredients for our diet and the right equipment and gear for our workout routines. Stopping and starting for want of the right tools means setting ourselves up for disappointment.

5 – Make Exercise Enjoyable

This is most important because if we do not like what we are doing, there is every chance that we will drop it because we feel it is too tough or difficult. Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We should make a definite plan to take us from where we are to where we want to go. It is best to start with small activities or few repetitions and then go on to more complicated sets as we progress.

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