5 Little Changes that can Improve Your Health


You know what they say, every little bit counts, and health is no exception. We all want to improve our health as we age. We often become victims of stress or some disease or other before we are 50. It is quite sad that we often run after wealth in our youth and later regret what it has done to our health and wellness. For those who want to affect a change, here are 10 little habits that if done one at a time, will certainly make a difference in the final outcome.

1) Avoid Refined Grains

It will astound you to know that all the breads, pastas, doughnuts and other breakfast items that you eat which are the product of bakeries are all filled with empty calories and nutritionally deficient, even dangerous to consume. During the process of digestion they turn into fats and sugars that harm our bodies. Refined grains and refined sugars are both enemies of good health. Replace them with whole grains or oatmeal, quinoa or sweet potato which has good nutritional value.

2) Always Choose Whole Foods

When faced with breakfast choices, it pays to choose whole foods over processed ones. Bakery prepared bagels, cereals or even health bars have some degree of chemical processing in them which is of doubtful nutritional value. On the other hand, whole foods like yogurt or cream mixed with fruits and embellished with almonds or walnuts can be a whole food that satiates hunger pangs for a longer duration.

3) Get Enough Water

Staying hydrated is another tip that you should never forget. Especially on hot summer days it is imperative to drink at least 8 glasses or water. In fact it is recommended to carry around a water bottle with you that can be resorted to when thirsty and even replenished when necessary. Green tea, herbal tea and lemonade are some other variations you can use but soft drinks and fruit juices are out.

4) Add Smoothies to Your Diet

This is one of the easier changes that you can make to stay healthy. One healthful smoothie per day is enough and there are so many varieties you can try. Insist on fruits with a low glycemic index- like kiwis and berries and mix them with Greek yogurt or protein powder. Top it off with spinach leaves or chopped cucumber for great effect. You will love the effect of smoothies on your skin and nails as they will strengthen and glow.

5) Stop Using Sugar

I realize it is a big ask, but nevertheless study after study has proved that sugars-especially refined sugars- are never good for our health and well being. Isn’t it funny that the rate of diabetes, obesity and heart disease were almost non-existent before the 1900s? Delve a little further into the reason and you will find that it is the relentless consumption of sugar in all its different forms and varieties that is the common and major culprit behind this state of affairs. Sugary and fatty foods are the major cause of the obesity epidemic that surrounds us in both the developing and the developed world, so ditch it today.

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