Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review


Quick Overview

Product’s Complete Name:                 Xtreme Fat Loss Diet
Author Name:                                            Joel Marion
Available Format:                                     Digital
Delivery Method:                                      Instant Download
Physical Delivery:                                     Unavailable
Regular Price:                                             $97
Bonuses:                                                        Available
Program Upgrades:                                  Available
Money Back Guarantee:                       Yes
Period to Claim For Refund:                60 Days

Introduction To The Program

Joel Marion is specialist in nourishment, health and fitness and he has created Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program. The method is justifiably based on burning calories as it is simply understood that losing calories means losing body fat. In a very little amount of time, user will lose lots of calories as this course specially focuses on fat loss.

About Joel Marion

joelJoel Marion, the writer of this system, is a specialized and certified health trainer who has helped hundreds of people to lose their weight. This product is based on his belief that by eating right food you can loss weight by making your metabolism work harder and faster. He graduated from New Jersey in health and science and won Life Body Transformation Challenge in 2001 that is one of his greatest achievements.

How Does It Work?

The fat burning diet is 5 day series and a mixture of extraordinary exercise, methods, tips and eating guides that help you increase your metabolism and burning hormones. It is based on 5-day structure of a cycle of 25 days.

1) Cheat Day

It aims to boost leptin along with fat burning hormones to make sure that the body is really ready for fat loss during the cycle.

2) Fast Day

This day aims to make an enormous caloric shortfall via planned fasting along with metabolically expensive lactic acid training.

3) Shake Day

This is also a low-calorie day where the nutrition for the whole day comes through nutritional shakes.

4) Moderate Carb Day

On this day, you can have at least 40% carbs 30% protein and 30% of fats.

5) Protein-only Depletion Day

Purpose of this day is to decrease glycogen and intramuscular energy stores so as to make some room for consuming extra calories on cheat day.

The hundred dollar question is that how much you can lose? It’s all depending on your devotion and seriousness whereas it is guaranteed that you will lose 25 pounds in a period of 25-30 days that means 1 pound a day and it is not a bad deal.


What’s Included in the Basic Package?

Component 1: The Diet Manual

The diet manual will tell you when and what you need to eat throughout the program. It contains food lists, tables, charts, FAQs etc.

Component 2: The Training Manual

The training manual will teach you the specific workouts which will double the results of your diet plans.

Component 3: Workout Log Sheets

These are printable logs which you can use while doing your workouts. These workout templates will be very useful during various exercise sessions.

Component 4: The Success Journal

This journal will help you record your progress and performance. It is believed that such type of journals play an effective role in increasing the success ratio.

Component 5: The Supplementation Guide

The guide will suggest you some of the supplements which are considered to be most effective and you can use them with your diet plan to get the much better results.

Component 6: The XFLD Cliff Notes

These notes will be used as quick reference after you have done all manuals. In this way you can save lots of your time.

Component 7: Pre-program Quick-start Checklist

This is a step-by-step checklist with which you will recheck the availability of the things you may need during your program.

Component 8: The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Audio Interrogation

It is actually a 90 minutes long audio interview. Two fat loss experts have asked the author everything about this system.

Component 9: Vince & Flavia’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Secrets

Here you will learn the best fat loss tips from Vince and Flavia.

Exclusive Bonus for Cabbage Soup Dieters

On purchase of 9-componets package, you will also get an exclusive bonus for cabbage soup dieters.

Program Upgrade 1 – ‘Done For You’ Accelerator Pack

This is a one-time opportunity offer which will enable you to upgrade your order to Accelerator Package. It includes:

  • 25-day Meal Plan Blueprint
  • Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Recipes
  • The “Shake Day” Smoothie Manual
  • The XFLD Done-for-You Calorie and Macronutrient Needs Calculator
  • A One-on-One Email Consultation Directly With Me

The program upgrades will cost you $47.

Program Upgrade 2 – Cheat Your Way Thin (Deluxe) Version

When you complete your 25-Day Diet Program, you will need something to continue shedding fat so you don’t get fat again. This is the time when you need the system Cheat Your Way Thin. This system includes the following items;

  • The Complete Cheat Your Way Thin Program Manual
  • 130+ Cheat Your Way Thin Recipes
  • Cheat Your Way Thin Quick Reference Cards
  • The Cheat Your Way Thin “Strategies” Video

This program upgrades will cost you $39.95.



The course comes with 100% money back guarantee of 8 weeks, so it course can be tried for 21 days. You can just get complete refund of your money if you don’t like it.

CONS in the Program

  • The course will demand the strength of will and regularity, so the people with very busy schedule may not find enough time to follow it.

PROS of the Program

  • The process is divided in 5-day cycle, so you will have a variety to follow the program.
  • Joel gives an adequate amount of information and all the outcomes are attached with scientific explanation in this program.

Final Words

If you want real outcome, Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program is the right thing you have. Keep in mind that there is no magical recipe behind it and you will see the best result just in a short period of time if you properly and regularly follow the program instructions.


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