Why You Need to Choose A Registered Dietitian?


Dietitians or dieticians are specialists in diet and nutrition and they advise people what they should eat and what they shouldn’t to lead a healthier lifestyle or hit a specific goal. Registered dietitians (RD) or registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN) are those who acquire academic qualifications and fulfil professional requirements. They get bachelor’s degree or more and also take exams for accredited nutrition curriculum spend a number of years in training and learning. On contrary, a nutritionist can be anyone who is interested to know about nutrition.

There are various nutritionists who are very popular and are expert in what they do but they don’t have degrees, certificates, proper education and training. Now you can decide who you should prefer to consult about your dieting plans a registered dietitian or a simple nutritionist.

Role of Registered Dietitian

  • Some time back the role of dietitians was very limited and they used to help patients when they were diagnosed with certain type of disease and needed to make adjustment in their diet plans. However, the role has greatly extended and now they are also helping in preventing various chronic diseases but it should also be remembered that many of them are not trained to do so.
  • Most of the registered dietitians work in treatment as well as prevention of a various chronic diseases in their private clinics, hospitals and health organizations and other facilities. Moreover, many of them have also been working in public and community health centers, research centers, wellness programs, health, food and nutrition industry and many other settings.
  • Though it is also a fact that everyone has his/her role and it is not necessary that everyone will have the same capability to tackle with certain disease and surely there are other people who have more experienced and skills.

Why to Choose a Registered Dietitian

  • There are various issues in which you can get the advice form a registered dietitian who can bring your craving towards the right foods and make you eat what is right for you. He can design a nutrition plan for you according to your lifestyle, body type, body requirement, goals and challenges.
  • You can consult with your physician or search online for a registered dietitians or nutrition experts in your locality. An expert dietitian is a better choice if you need a dieting plan according to certain health condition such as diabetes.
  • Well, whoever you choose to be your dietitian, don’t forget to check his background. The best professional is one who provides you a better dieting plan so you can eat better to lose weight more effectively. Moreover, he should be able to prevent diseases.
  • You can begin an online research or call his office to ask about his experience and qualification which is not at all bad because it is about health. If you find some of his patient, that will be much better for you and in this way you can judge if he is an expert in certain wellness care or not.

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