Why Should Women Choose Cotton Panties


We all spend a busy day. If we opt wrong underwear or panties, not only we keep on feeling uneasy whole day but our performance at the office get influenced & can get from 5/5 to zero. If you have ever experienced severe itching or discomfort “down there,” you might know that wearing different fabrics have different influence & alleviates your symptoms. Depending on the situation, doctors may recommend wearing cotton panties on an everyday basis. Whether you are used to not wearing panties/ underwear at all or you just prefer synthetic materials, wearing cotton could save your body & give you the level of comfort you have been lacking. Like:

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1):- Avoiding the Itch: You need to see a physician if you are experiencing persistent vaginal itching, as it can be an indication of a yeast infection or some sexually transmitted disease. Unless then, though, the U.S. National Library of Medicine states that switching to cotton panties may refrain avoidable irritation. Unlike most of synthetics, this material is so breathable & avoids the uncomfortable buildup of moisture that leads to itching. The dyes & fragrances of often laundry detergents may irritate sensitive skin. Washing your panties in hypoallergenic detergent is the best step that you can take for yourself

2):- Period Protection: No matter of which material, as a matter of good health you must always wear panties when you are having your menstrual period. Panties that are made up of cotton, however, are usually more absorbent & less expensive than few synthetic materials, making them a practical option during this time.

3):- Gentle Material: As per studies, cotton boasts the trifecta of softness, breathability, & absorbency. It is soft & it softness is great for your skin. Its absorbency wicks away all perspiration. Its breathability aids evaporation of moisture that can otherwise be trapped by synthetics, such as nylon or lycra, & thus encouraging the growth of bacteria.

4):- More Considerations: No doubt, this is not to say that you should wear underwears or panties of any type 24/7. In reality, even cotton underwear can become uncomfortable whilst you are sleeping. As per Gynecologists in “Everyday Health”, enough warning has been issued. Wearing any panties overnight — even those that are as breathable as cotton — increases the moisture & heat, forming the environment in which yeast thrives. Going without any underwear at night provides your body a chance to breathe easy. So for even maintaining elasticity of underwear, it is better to put it off during the night.

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