Why Golf Is More Exercise than Most People Think


Ask any layman, and he’d tell you that golf isn’t a sport and golfers aren’t meant to be athletes. By pointing fingers at the lack of exertion, these people try to prove that golf isn’t the best sport when it comes to exercise. That golfers are only worried about their golf swing further reinforces their argument that if anything, playing golf consumes as much calories as reading garbage disposal units reviews.

We don’t think that way.

After you have gone through this whole article, we claim that your thinking about golf will also change. Hence, without saying anything more, here are three reasons why golf is more exercise than most people think.

Golfers Walk a Lot

In order to calculate how much golfers walk duringa 18-hole round, let’s do some math. An average golf course is extended up to 6500 yards. Convert this distance into miles – one mile equals 1750yards, and you’d have to walk at least four miles while playing golf.

However, the calculation isn’t as simple as above. For, golfers do not walk in a straight line. For example, they walk from the greens to the tees, to give one example. Hence, while the abovementioned figure of 4miles is ballpark, golfers walk much, much more than that.

You might ask: what sort of advantage comes from walking? Well, the most important is improving the cardiovascular system. So, while others people think swimming, jogging or biking as the only cardiovascular exercises, golf is another one.


Have you ever noticed the balance of Tiger Woods during his heyday in golfing? How immaculate he positioned his body just before the golf swing? Do you think that balance was natural? Really? Didn’t he do anything to achieve that stability?

Of course he did.

For, if we want to be stable while standing for longer periods of time – as golfers have to, we have to have a very strong core. Our cores includes our buttocks and our lower back, as well as our abdominal muscles.

These areas, in turn, do not get strong on their own. Rather, they demand us to undertake core strengthening exercises to do the same. And when we do these exercises, we obviously burn calories.

Hence, while it might have seemed benign to you before this, ensuring balance while standing for longer periods is more difficult than anybody can imagine.


Agreed. People who are concentrated all the time might not have to move a muscle to do so. But, before you criticize me for mentioning this, ask yourself: isn’t concentrating your attention a part of mental exercise?

Of course it is.

You might ask: how a brain exercise could benefit me in the long run? Well, there are many studies suggesting that brain exercise is not only important for long life, but also prevents our brain from undergoing degradation, which, if left unchecked, could result in memory loss.

More importantly, when you golf, you have to remember specific tips, techniques, images and most of all numbers. This forces your brain to remain active all the time, making it work overtime to remain healthy and efficient for longer periods.

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