Who Said That Yoga is not for Men?


Some men get frightened when they hear the word ‘yoga’ and still do not understand why. Maybe what terrifies is the presence relaxing and quietness instead of listening to noisy music, working out, etc. However, in yoga there are no gender distinctions at all. If you cannot bring yourself to practice or have a friend who refuses to do so, we share with you a list of reasons why yoga is also great for men.

1) A Discipline Created by and for Men

At present, women, men and children can enjoy this physical discipline, but history indicates that in antiquity this practice was designed for men and was only practiced by them. Today, there are different types of yoga postures which are ideal for male body flexibility allowing the balance of the body and return to its natural alignment.

2) It Increases Performance.

If you like sports, yoga will fall like a glove. This discipline will enable you to become stronger and flexible. Besides strengthening joints, it helps you increase the recruitment of stabilizer muscles. This, in turn, helps prevent injury.

3) Stress Reducer

How many times have we talked about relaxing effect providing yoga practices? Yoga is as ‘a moving meditation’ that allows the person to reduce external noise, relax mind and live in present.

4) A Good Way to Start Exercising

If exercise is not your thing, yoga can be a good start. If you have never practiced, fear not! You can start at the beginning level and do not get discouraged. There is always something new to learn.

5) Allows You to Work the Whole Body

According to the magazine Hola, yoga allows you to work on more body parts than you would do in the gym. So the physical effort required by this practice is comparable to swimming, which helps to launch many muscles, organs and joints. This improves the cardiovascular system and allows the body to get more oxygen.

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