What You Need To Have In Your Gym Bag


If one’s gym bag is empty, it must be staring his in the face. One needs to fill it with these gym bag essentials, & carry the basics of fitness with himself wherever he goes! One’s gym bag must be his fitness “bag of tricks.” Though almost each gym bag is different, & it probably reflects the fitness motivation, goals & personality of the individual who carries it, each bag must have some common essentials. Whether one is merely starting out or have been in the gyms for years, one will benefit from a bag stocked for his success.

1):- Quality Workout Shirts or Vests: Without any good training clothes , one workout is undoubtedly going to be less than satisfactory. So, if one hits the gym after his work, he must keep in his mind to pack few breathable & well-fitted clothing. There is nothing terrible for any person than unpacking the gym bag in the gym’s locker room & then realizing he has forgotten his comfortable clothing – vest & short! It is also necessary to keep in the mind that “fit over fashion”. One must not waste his time worrying about his gym attire —pulling up & tugging down clothes while one work out is actually annoying. His butt might look perfect in those tight pants, but low squats will be so problematic. Same is the case with vests. If one is going to lift up some weights, then a perfect vest must be at the top of his essentials. Shop gym stringer vests here from the Anax fitness website.

2):- Good Shoes: If one is an advanced lifter, he may prefer lifting shoes to some traditional cross-trainers or any running shoes. Whatever he is going to opt, he must make sure it gives the right support he needs for the kind of training he will be doing. To be honest, box jumps & running in any sandals would turn out even worse than one would have actually imagined.

3):- Shaker Bottle: Any gym bag is absolutely incomplete until it has a quality shaker bottle. One can utilize it for his all of his refreshment requirements.It can hold one’s pre- & intra-workout water, supplements, or shake up one’s post-workout protein-carbohydrate combo. One must grab a good shaker bottle so he end up with a protein that is so easy to drink rather than of bit nasty & clumpy mixture one has to choke down.

4):- Workout Log: It is totally essential to continuous progress. One must utilize his workout journal to record all sets, reps, weights, & rest. He needs to know how much he lifted in his past workouts to lift much more in future workouts.This log is an important tool for everybody who is trying to build their best self. Important is to be sure to track each session!

5):- Towel: Sweating is a normal thing—particularly in the gym! But no one wants to sit in his sweat. A gym guy must bring a towel to wipe down the equipment after he has finished using it, or simply to keep one’s sweat to oneself.

6):- Music: Lots of people find music so motivating, but it has to be one’s music. One’s personal selection is going to deliver better results than any “Call Me Maybe” crap usually play at the gym. It better to use own phone or any Mp3 player, & pack few headphones.

7):- Knee sleeves: They are designed to support the knee from any future injury or any risk of damage. They also add some valuable compression element that actually increases blood flow & reduces pain, not merely during but after performance as well.

8):- A first aid kit: No issue how much coordinated one are — or like to think one is— accidents often happen. When one is in a room surrounded by lots of heavy weights & the occasional sharp edges, such odds become higher. This case is full tape, bandages, & gauze in the event of any mishap. Furthermore, it is compact size will fit nicely in one’s bag.

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