What is Macrobiotic Diet and its Foods?


The Macrobiotic diet is a type of food that can help you find the balance, serenity and good health as it is based on the balance in food and life.

What is Macrobiotics?
The Macrobiotics is not just a diet, but it is also a lifestyle that seeks your development and adaptation to the environment in which you live. It is an attitude to food and to life, a philosophy and a way to raise the issues of food.

The Basis:

It is based on the concept of Yin and Yang and all the phenomena constantly switches between two opposing or complementary trends of expansion-contraction as up-down i.e. the upward force of earth and downward force of heaven. It has its application to seek balance and power as well which ultimately become the greatest weight destroyer.

Yin Foods

These foods like vegetables contain an expansive force of earth and are highly recommended.

Yang Foods

Yang foods like carrots and burdock have celestial force that is more contractionary, so it is advisable to take them in moderation.

Recommended Food Groups

The following groups of foods are allowed on daily, weekly and occasional basis.


  • Whole grains (between 40% and 60% of the daily weight)
  • Vegetables (between 20% and 30%)
  • Pickles, vegetables and derivatives (between 5% and 10%
  • It is complemented by algae, spices and vegetable oil.


  • Fruits
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Sweeteners
  • Fish


Well, it is better to avoid these foods and this is why they are allowed occasionally. The list is ordered from most to least;

  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Poultry (whenever possible, opt for this)

It may seem to be mainly a vegetarian diet, but it does not mean that you should eliminate meat, but you surely reduce it. Some studies suggest that people who eat animals are just seven to ten times more peaceful consumers of these products.

Benefits of Macrobiotic Diet

This type of diet enables you to overcome the diseases. In order to free yourself from physical and mental illnesses and degenerative trends and transform your health and happiness, you must first of all apply that understanding in how you eat and learn to choose the foods to prepare and eat them. You must allow our body to heal and feel physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This diet also makes you feel better and more lucid. In fact, improper food choices make the spirit chaotic.

The macrobiotic diet does not follow a rigid schedule. It is supple and modified depending on the natural environment and activities developed by each individual. It also depends on whether it is a man or woman, their age, traditions and culture. The macrobiotic way of eating is suitable for all mankind without exception of races, nationalities and cultures, so everyone can take the benefits of it.

Is Macrobiotic Diet Good for Weight Loss?

Without any doubt and second thought, yes, it is 100% good and workable for the purpose of losing weight. In fact, Macrobiotic diet is suitable for improving overall health and it also helps you control your ideal weight.

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