Venus Factor Review – A Weight Loss Program for Smart Women by John Barban


Weight gain is a very common issue especially for women and to help them get rid of this big problem, a number of programs have already been developed and tested by the people. One of such weight loss program is The Venus Factor which has got popularity among those who want something magically effective in losing weight.

Description of The Venus Factor

Venus Factor has been designed to follow dieting techniques and these simple are said to be fully capable to bring great changes in human body. The inclusion of proven techniques in this program has made it more effective and useful for eliminating excessive deposits of fat. There are various important factors that need to be described to understand how useful it is.

  • Those who do not know the beauty secrets for a female body should learn about Venue Factor’s Beautification regimen. The killer of a woman’s beauty is her ability to gain weight and almost every woman has to face this situation sometime in her life especially when she gets pregnant.
  • As far as weight gain during pregnancy is concerned, it is a natural and normal process but every woman reacts differently to this natural phenomenon. Some of them accept it as their fat and don’t try to change their condition while the others don’t give up until they get back their natural beauty.
  • It has also been observed that there are some women have normal body figures, yet they adopt extremely harsh diet and exercise programs. This system has exclusive weight loss guidelines for such ladies so they can realize how dangerous it can be to take unnecessary diet and exercise.
  • If you are confused or not sure about your body, the Venus Factor Index will assist you in making sure that you make the correct decision either to burn fat or gain more weight.
  • Another important issue faced by most of ladies is that they can’t calculate the required amount of calories they should take every day. Therefore, the VF’s calorie calculator will let you know the exact amount you should be consuming.

About John Barban

JohnJohn Barban is the man who developed the Venus Factor for ladies. John has achieved very good reputation in the world of health and fitness. His experience, skills and knowledge are highly appreciated by fitness gurus. He graduated in human biology and continued his efforts to learn everything about nutrition, physiology, health & fitness.

3 Exclusive Bonuses

John offers 3 special relevant bonuses with the main program which are as follows;

  1. Venus Immersion
  2. The Venus Factor Workouts
  3. 143 premium video coaching lessons

Money Back Guarantee

John Barban is a well known figure in the fitness industry and his techniques have worked well. In case, you do not the desired results, John offers 100% refund guarantee for 60 days.

CONS in Venus Factor Program

  • Basically the program is designed to give slim, lean and sexy looks to ladies and this beautification regimen is impossible without shedding each pound of excessive weight, therefore, ladies must work too hard to achieve their goal.
  • When one follows the program, she has to make lots of changes in daily life schedule which may be difficult for some women.
  • Exercises may not be easy for those who are not ready for physical training.

PROS in Venus Factor System

  • The developer of this program is an experienced nutritionist and researcher.
  • This program has been backed up with very comprehensive nutrition information.
  • It can be used by any women to become fit, healthy and beautiful.
  • It is simple to understand and easy to use.
  • It has come in 60 days money back guarantee.

Final Words about Venus Factor Review?

The overall review of the Venue Factor shows that it is a helpful beautification regimen for the ladies as it has been exclusively designed for women only by John Barban. According to the reviews by its users, the results are visible within a first few days of following the program.

John Barban is a well-known fitness trainer with huge experience in the field and his own body is a proof of his fitness level. In this program, he has focused women only as there is a difference in body type of man wand woman. Overall, this program seems to be effective and is worth trying.

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