4 Natural Ways to Remove Cellulite


Cellulite is the accumulation of fat in thighs, hips or buttocks and this accumulation causes the skin to look lumpy with a kind of bulge and it mainly affects women. Cellulite is a normal phenomenon, but it can be aesthetically unpleasant and nay cause distress. There are a lot of products to reduce cellulite, but unfortunately many of them do not work. However, there are some remedies for cellulite that can be helpful for some women.

1 – Lose Some Pounds

Basically, cellulite is a type of fat and less quantity of fat means that you would have less chances of cellulite appearance. You can see that ballet dancers and athletes do not have cellulite for the reason that they’ve less fat in the body. It is observed that weight loss usually reduces fat causing dimpling on thighs and buttocks. When body fat is removed, fat cells are reduced and the skin looks smooth.

2 – Physical Exercise

Losing fat is the start of losing cellulite. We have all seen that there are a lot of skinny people with cellulite and it happens as the body of victim is toned and loose skin allows the body fat to be displayed in the form of dimples that is swollen characterized by cellulite. It is, therefore, essential to do resistance training that will help you tone and stiffen the skin giving buttocks and thighs firmer appearance.

3 – Massage Your Thighs and Other Affected Areas

Although massage cannot alone help you get rid of the issue, it will help redistribute fat which can give thighs smooth and firm look. To obtain preferred results, you have to follow your daily routine. After having shower, you sit on tub’s edge and start fist massage on the skin. You are supposed to apply some pressure in all areas of cellulite and repeat several times on the affected area. This practice helps preventing fat from accumulating in an area and softening the fat which is already present there.

4 – Coffee

Caffeine is one of the remedies for cellulite that will help in keeping fat cells in motion. To do this, ground coffee can be used in a routine twice weekly. You have to begin by placing a newspaper on the floor of bathroom. Sit on bathtub’s edge with one can of ground coffee. Start rubbing coffee on the areas affected by cellulite with hands or a sponge. You can wrap the legs with seaweed or plastic wrap leaving it for some minutes and rinse the legs thoroughly.

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