Top Reasons Why You’re Not Able To Lose Weight


A lot of people who start dieting by cutting off their favorite food items get disappointed way too early because their weight stops decreasing after a certain point of time. This condition of plateau often occurs around the first or second week of implementing a diet plan. Experts suggest several reasons to explain this situation and there are solutions to get over this condition.

If you are someone who has recently started a diet plan and is worried about this hiatus, there are certain things that you need to know why you’re not losing weight as per your expectations:

  1. You’re not cutting your Carbohydrates intake: Let one thing be very clear from the starting that if you’re planning to lose weight, you’ll have to cut down your Carb intake. Consuming high amount of Carbohydrates can lead to an increased body weight which can be a major problem for someone who is already worried about being overweight. There are a lot of low carb foods available at an affordable price which you can rely on and lose some kilograms. However, you should do proper research before choosing any particular low carb diet as their effects vary from person to person. Before starting a ketogenic diet to cut down your Carbohydrates intake, you can watch some YouTube videos, read some blogs and even read some good books so as to get a broad idea. You can find some of the best books on ketogenic diet at which can be very beneficial in your journey to lose weight.
  2. You’re taking too much stress: Ask this question to yourself “Are you taking way too much stress?” If the answer is yes, you’re certainly miles away from effectively losing weight. Studies have clearly proved that weight loss can be difficult for a person who takes too much stress. The elevated level of stress hormone, cortisol can result in the increased craving for unhealthy food, thus making you eat more than you should. You should rely on meditation sessions, yoga, and deep breathing exercises to cut down your stress level.
  3. You’re consuming too many nuts: Crunching nuts while watching a movie comfortably on the couch and then getting worried about elevated body weight? Let’s burst the bubble for you. Fat content in nuts is more than 70% of their calories count which can be a serious problem in your weight loss plan. Try to keep a check on this habit before it gets too late.
  4. You’re not exercising enough or correctly: A proper exercising schedule is as important as a diet plan is. If you’re not dedicating sufficient time to exercise, you’re clearly on a wrong track. Make sure to properly exercise in order to lose weight in a healthy manner.
  5. You’re taking too much dairy products: Because of high protein content in dairy products, the insulin level in your blood can significantly rise as a result of their consumption. Make sure to cut off most of the dairy products from your diet if you’re unable to lose weight efficiently.
  6. You might have a medical condition: There are certain hormonal problems like hypothyroidism that can stimulate weight gain, thus making it very difficult for you to get into shape. If you’re tired of trying everything, the final recommendation is to visit a doctor and make sure if there’s any medical condition that isn’t letting you lose weight.

Conclusion: In the light of above discussion, it can be said that weight loss needs a proper consideration of a number of factors. Above all, you need to trust the process because weight loss is a gradual process and can’t occur overnight.

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