Introduction to Tom Venuto


Mr. Tom Venuto is a big name in the world of health, fitness and weight loss. He is not just a popular personal trainer but also a fitness model, motivational coach, nutrition consultant, health club manager and most importantly a writer.

As an expert in nutrition science, he has been very helpful for the people and his consultancy has benefited a great number of people all around the world who now have been living very successful, happy and healthy life.

Tom As a Writer

The history of Tom’s Journey is quite long as he has been involved in the fields of weight loss and fitness since 1989 in one way or the other.

He is a freelance writer and during his career, he has written about 4 hundred articles which cover various important topics such as nutrition, fat loss, training and fitness motivation. His articles can be found on some of very popular websites and blogs such as;

  • Yahoo News
  • The Huffington Post
  • Lee Labrada’s Lean Body Coaching Club
  • Christian Finn’s Facts About
  • Will Brink’s Bodybuilding

Popular Media Person

Because of his own living example of lean and beautifully shaped body, he has always been very popular among the print, digital and social Medias and therefore he has been featured on various fitness magazines such as:

  • Oprah magazine
  • First for Women magazine
  • Experience Life magazine
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Times

He has also been invited and interviewed on a number of radio shows which includes:

  • Martha Stewart healthy living (Sirius)
  • 1250-ESPN
  • BlogTalk Radio

Author of Best Selling Book

He is the author of one of the most popular weight loss and building programs known as Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle which has been declared by the one of their best selling products.

Mr. Bodybuilder

Tom has participated and won various big competitions of bodybuilding where he was highly appreciated and rewarded with many titles. His Titles Include:

  • Mr. Natural New Jersey
  • Mr. Natural Pennsylvania
  • Mr. Natural New York State
  • Mr. Natural Mid-Atlantic States
  • Mr. NPC Natural Eastern Classic championship

He was also successful to get the second places in the competitions of Mr. Natural USA and Mr. Natural North America contests.

CEO of Inner Circle

Tom has founded “Burn The Fat Inner Circle” which is a fat loss support website and has successfully built a circle of more than 13,000 members.

Member of Major Associations

He is also a member of many important health and fitness associations such as:

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • The National Strength And Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Tom Venuto Official Website:
  • Tom Venuto Twitter: @tomvenuto
  • Tom Venuto Facebook:

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