Things to Think About Before Purchasing a Hot Tub


Deciding to purchase a hot tub is an exciting time for the entire family. To make sure that you select a model that suits your lifestyle and needs, follow these tips to think about before purchasing a hot tub.

Choose a Trustworthy Dealer

Although it would be ideal if you could purchase a hot tub and never have to worry about anything again, the fact is that having a solid support team behind you can come in very handy if things ever go wrong.  Hot tub sellers can pop up in the strangest of places.  You can come across them in parking lots, carnivals, trade shows and inside discount warehouse retailers.  The problem with buying from them is that it’s highly unlikely you’ll get to test the hot tub beforehand.  And if you do make the purchase, you’ll end up on your own once they have your money.

Ask for References

A further test of the trustworthiness of your dealer is the references they can give you.  Unfortunately, many of the sales teams found on the fairgrounds or in parking lots use high pressure sales tactics to sell low quality hot tubs that don’t include installation. Or they “backend” you with a lot of expensive, but absolutely necessary add ons.  By talking to some previous customers you can learn some lessons without going through a painful experience yourself.

Find Out the Full Price

As mentioned above, there are a lot of retailers who will display a super low price for their hot tubs, but not mention the fact that you’ll need to buy a lot of extras to make the system function properly.  It’s possible the retailer may not even have malicious intent.  In the case of big box stores, displaying a low retail price and following it up with a bunch of expensive add ons is part of their business plan.  Make sure that all the necessary parts are included and a plan is in place to have the hot tub delivered and installed.  Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous sellers who will just dump the hot tub in front of your house and let you figure out how to install it yourself.

Pay for Quality

hot tub

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for.  There is a wide range of prices when it comes to hot tubs, but if you concentrate on getting the lowest price possible, you’ll likely also end up with the lowest quality.  And as with most low quality things, the money you save up front will likely need to paid back, in multiples, in the future.  Lower quality hot tubs will typically end up costing you more in maintenance, repairs, chemicals and energy costs.  Save yourself the headache and pony up for a quality set up in the first place.

Ask About the Warranty

No one likes to think about their new purchase falling into disrepair, but it can happen.  This is where a good warranty will come into play and save you money and soaking time should anything go wrong.  Look for warranties that cover leaks, the shell surface and structure as well as the plumbing and heating equipment.

Choose the Right Location

Before you buy a hot tub, you should make sure you have an appropriate place to install it.  Having an area that’s level and can support the hot tub is imperative.  Remember that a full hot tub can weigh several thousand pounds.  If you plan to place it on a patio or deck you should seek the advice of an engineer to make sure the surface is strong enough support a full hot tub.  You’ll also want to make sure you have enough leeway to get the system from the street in front of your house to where you want it to ultimately sit.  You don’t want to have to demolish part of your house to get the hot tub through.

Once you have thought through each of the tips above, you will be confident that your decision will be the right choice for you and last for many years to come.

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